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Furniture can not use the 'green' title indiscriminately

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-18
As people pay more attention to green consumption awareness, various “green” products have flooded the market, and consumers are at a loss for what to do. Recently, there has also been a “green wind” of furniture in some furniture stores in the city. Some manufacturers use 'Green Marks' and 'Environmental Marks' without the consent of relevant departments, and individual manufacturers hang bronze medals such as 'Green Guardian' and 'Green Products' in their exhibition halls. Furniture that seriously exceeded the standard produced by a furniture factory in this city was changed overnight and turned into environmentally friendly furniture. Consumers bought the improved furniture from this factory, but the smell of formaldehyde was still difficult to remove. What is 'green furnitureSo far, no furniture company in Shanghai has won the honor of 'Green Furniture'. Therefore, in today's increasingly prevalent green consumption, it is urgent to regulate and guide 'green furniture' to prevent the proliferation of counterfeit green furniture in order to mislead consumers. In response to the current situation, the Furniture Professional Office of the Shanghai Consumers’ Association believes that: First, there must be a clear definition of “green furniture”. Certification mark. No unit or individual may use the 'green furniture' sign without permission. Second, the relevant technical departments should issue 'green furniture' quality standards, and set up special testing agencies so that consumers can identify them. If counterfeiting is encountered, it can be documented and followed by laws to protect the interests of consumers. . Third, consumers must recognize the brand when buying furniture, buy furniture from well-known manufacturers as much as possible, and don't be fooled by counterfeit 'environmental-friendly furniture'.
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