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Four misunderstandings of environmentally friendly furniture and building materials

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-15
With the improvement of environmental protection awareness, the citizens' environmental protection requirements for home interior decoration materials are becoming more and more stringent. Some families do not hesitate to spend a lot of money when decorating their new homes and replace all materials with 'green' building materials. However, the public has many misunderstandings on this issue. One of the misunderstandings: Qualified building materials are harmless. Experts pointed out: The so-called qualified products refer to products with harmful substances within the limit of the national standard, and the harmful substances released by the human body can withstand it. In other words, none of the main building materials, including boards, stone, paint, and cement, is harmless. The only difference is the amount of harmful substances. Sometimes although the building materials used are up to the standard, the harmful substances in the indoor air may exceed the standard after the decoration. Because harmful substances have superimposed effects. Therefore, it is recommended to consider the environmental protection, the simpler the interior decoration, the better. Misunderstanding 2: Over-reliance on product testing reports Professionals said: The testing reports of many building materials products on the market are not reliable. First of all, many test samples are sent for inspection, and merchants can send the best quality samples for inspection to obtain good results. Secondly, the test reports are all time-sensitive and are for a certain batch of products. So how to measure whether the harmful substances in building materials products exceed the standards? In theory, the only reliable way is for consumers to ask authoritative testing agencies to do testing. In real life, some famous brands are still trustworthy. Misunderstanding 3: Buying building materials must be “green”. Many savvy consumers recognize the concept of “green” when buying building materials and furniture, and feel that this is the only way to be at ease. Although people think 'green' is so high, they can ask what kind of building materials are green? Not only consumers, but many businesses selling 'green' products can't answer. Myth 4: The idea that harmful substances in building materials can hurt many consumers is biased. Because as long as the harmful substances in the decoration materials are sealed in the materials and are not emitted into the indoor air, they will generally not cause harm to the human body. Therefore, consumers should pay attention to the air release of harmful substances in decorative materials. Good indoor ventilation conditions can take away harmful substances and reduce harm to the human body.
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