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Formaldehyde is harmful and needs to be removed during new house decoration!

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-11-26
80% of newly decorated rooms have excessive formaldehyde, and harmful gases in decoration pollution will continue to be released for up to 3 to 8 years. Moreover, with the use of a large number of synthetic materials in modern home decoration, harmful gases are hidden in almost every corner of the home. It can be seen that after the home is installed, you must be prepared to remove formaldehyde! What are the hazards of formaldehyde to people? Formaldehyde is a colorless gas with a strong pungent odor. Easily soluble in water, alcohol and ether. Formaldehyde is gaseous at room temperature and usually appears in the form of an aqueous solution. Formaldehyde (HCHO) has been recognized by the World Health Organization as a carcinogenic and teratogenic substance. It can induce allergic rhinitis and bronchitis, especially asthma, which can lead to death; it can cause eye and airway irritation, leading to direct pathological changes. Or reduce the disease prevention ability of these parts; it can cause oxidative damage, which is mainly manifested in the liver, myocardium, lung and kidney neurotoxicity; it can cause insomnia, lack of concentration, memory loss, mood disorders, and loss of appetite; reproductive toxicity, leading to miscarriage , Infertility, etc. (the harm of formaldehyde to pregnant women). In short, formaldehyde is a recognized source of allergies, which can cause respiratory diseases, women's irregular menstruation, neonatal deformities, acute depression, and in severe cases can lead to cancers of the respiratory tract, skin, and digestive tract. How to remove formaldehyde? Ventilation method opens doors and windows to ventilate and ventilate, and through the circulation of indoor air, it can reduce the content of some free harmful substances in indoor air. This should be the most commonly used method at present. Suggestion: This method takes a long time. Generally, it takes one or two months to vacant the house to achieve the basic effect. Pay more attention to indoor ventilation when living for a long time, which also has a good effect on the human body. Related reading: Formaldehyde may become the number one killer of home decoration. High-tech methods can go to the market to choose some high-tech deodorant cleaners, which can remove harmful gases emitted by newly decorated houses and new furniture. According to relevant sources, these deodorant cleaners are generally imported products, which use ammonia compounds to chemically react with harmful substances, thus playing the role of deodorizing and cleaning. Suggestion: In a newly decorated room, you can pour this deodorant cleaner into the dish, put the dish in each room separately, and combine with the scrubbing method to effectively remove the unpleasant smell after a few days. . Activated carbon method Activated carbon is an internationally recognized drug addict. Activated carbon has the function of adsorbing benzene, toluene, xylene, ethanol, ether, kerosene, gasoline, styrene, vinyl chloride and other substances. The primary titanium activated carbon uses the physical effect of activated carbon to deodorize and detoxify; it has no chemical additives and has no effect on the human body. Put two to three dishes in each house, 72 hours can basically eliminate indoor odor. This method can be selected for medium and low pollution, or it can be used in combination with other chemical methods. The comprehensive treatment effect is better. Suggestion: Although activated carbon is the best adsorption material, it does not mean that it can completely adsorb formaldehyde. A large amount can achieve a certain adsorption effect, but not everyone will buy a lot of activated carbon at home. In addition, users are also easy to confuse bamboo charcoal with activated carbon, although both are charcoal, the effect is different. Nano-materials environmental protection craftsmanship In the production process, nano-composite materials are added, and its degradation mechanism is to convert these harmful substances into carbon dioxide, water and organic acids that are harmless to the human body under light conditions. Suggestion: Hanging your favorite paintings in the room is the best of both worlds. Generally, one painting can be hung in the living room or living room. The newly decorated room hopes to move in immediately or the pollution source is serious (many people often smoke), and hope to have more negative air ions, and several paintings can be hung at the same time. When we were learning biological knowledge of plant law, we knew that plants have photosynthesis, which can convert carbon dioxide and water into organic matter and release oxygen. It can be said that plants are cleaners for air pollution. Chlorophytum, Aloe Vera, Tigertail Orchid can absorb large amounts of indoor formaldehyde and other pollutants to eliminate and prevent indoor air pollution; the bactericides secreted by jasmine, clove, honeysuckle, morning glory and other flowers can kill certain bacteria in the air and inhibit tuberculosis The growth of dysentery pathogens and typhoid bacteria makes indoor air clean and hygienic. Suggestion: Plants have a certain adsorption effect, but if the indoor air pollution reaches a certain level, the plants will be a little weak. And some plants are not suitable for indoors, nor for people with flower allergies. Formaldehyde has side effects on people's health. After the home is installed, remember to remove the formaldehyde smell in the home before moving in!
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