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'Floating sleep' on the water bed Detailed explanation of the principle of the water bed

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-17
Double-bag water bed The water bed is designed and created using the principle of buoyancy of water. Medical experts believe that the water bed fully conforms to the physiological curve of the human body. No matter how the sleeping position is changed, the mattress and the human body can be closely fitted, so that the cervical spine and lumbar spine are no longer suspended, and the body weight is evenly supported, reducing the body’s own weight on the spine, The pressure of muscles, capillaries and nervous system effectively constitutes a healthy microcirculation in line with international standards, and plays a special role in the care of the spine. As early as 3000 thousand years ago, there was a record of using the 'water bed'. At that time, the Persians slept on a goatskin water bag that was warm in the sun. The modern water bed was first designed by the British physician Dr. William Houp in 1851. He found that in the treatment of various medical conditions, the water surface with reduced pressure is beneficial to the treatment effect, so he made the embryonic form of a water-filled mattress with rubber. Finally, an American named Charles Hall used high-tech materials to improve this mattress in the 1960s, and further improved the production process, and rubber waterbeds gradually appeared. However, the characteristics of rubber are relatively easy to age, and the life span is only 2-3 years; and now with the development of science and technology, a specific environmentally friendly material has been developed specifically for water beds. It is non-toxic, non-polluting, and resistant to stretching. , Anti-aging, anti-strong pressure, impact resistance, etc. The service life of the water bag is more than 10 years. Extended reading: How to choose a water bed Process and heating system are very important. There are two main types of water beds: hard-edge water beds and soft-edge sofa water beds that are more modern. The hard-edge waterbed was the first waterbed to come out. The bed frame is the main support for the mattress made of vinyl resin and is also part of the bedroom furniture. The material of the bed frame is generally natural wood (such as pine, oak, and cedar), or avant-garde painted medium-density planks, or decorative planks. The bed frame is usually placed on a wooden base that supports the entire bed. However, hard-edge water mattresses have relatively high requirements for the bed frame. The hard-edge water mattress can only be placed on a special customized bed frame, and when a person sits on the bed, it feels very hard and uncomfortable. Therefore, a more comfortable soft-edge water mattress with relatively low requirements on the bed frame has been developed. The soft-edge water mattress is surrounded by a high-density sponge frame, which will not deform for a long time and will be more comfortable. The soft-edged sand water beds were developed to adapt to the existing furniture in the bedroom. They look similar to ordinary beds, and just like their name, they have a flexible outer ring that makes you feel more comfortable when you sit on the side of the bed. . Modern designs like water beds combine the advantages of comfort, support, health care and durability, as well as the ease of use and simple manufacture of ordinary beds. Extended reading: The use and maintenance of waterbeds. Adjusting soft and hard need to use air. The floating sleep of waterbeds can evenly lift the body and conform to the physiological curve of the spine; the pressure of water can effectively relieve physical and mental fatigue and promote deep sleep. The water bed has been scientifically designed and passed strict pressure tests before leaving the factory. It will never leak. The American Academy of Rheumatology announced: Because ordinary mattresses are easy to absorb and accumulate moisture, the number of rheumatism patients worldwide has reached more than one billion. The electronic constant temperature system of the water bed can keep the bedding dry for a long time, does not absorb moisture, not only will not cause rheumatoid arthritis, but also has a certain preventive and therapeutic effect on rheumatic diseases. The fatigue of mental workers is mainly caused by the decrease of nerve cell vitality and the accumulation of metabolic wastes in the body. The ordinary sleep method is called 'expressive sleepThe water bed can produce a good hot compress effect, the warming effect promotes blood circulation and restores cell vitality, and can quickly and completely remove metabolic waste from the body. In addition, the uniform buoyancy support of the water flow makes the pressure of each point of the body far less than the critical point of the soreness of the 35 cm mercury column, ensuring good blood circulation, significantly reducing the number of toss and turnings caused by soreness, circulatory disturbances, etc., and preventing the loss of sleep quality. From the shape, it is divided into square water bed, round water bed and U-shaped water bed: square water bed generally refers to a rectangle, which is a common shape in daily life. The appearance of the circular water bed meets people's needs for personalized products. Because of its special shape, the circular water bed is often loved by young people. There is also a more distinctive U-shaped water bed, which hotels choose to use more. Water mattresses are generally divided into three types of softness: small waves, medium waves, and big waves. The small waves are relatively stable, slightly softer than Simmons, and closer to the body than Simmons, and have little impact on the surroundings. It is more suitable for the elderly or people who have just touched the waterbed. The big wave is closest to every curve of the body, evenly distributing the pressure of the body, so that the body feels the most relaxed, but the fluctuation is relatively large, and the shaking produced usually takes 3-7 days to adapt, which is more suitable for young people or before sleeping. Used by people who have crossed the waterbed. The mid-wave volatility is somewhere in between. The water mattress also has a double water bag design, which solves the problem of the weight disparity between the husband and wife; in addition, if the husband and wife have a big difference in temperature perception, you can also choose a water mattress with a double constant temperature system. Can the hardness of the mattress be changed by adding or subtracting water? No, the water bed is a one-time professional assisted flushing, and the inside of the label is a crystal medium. If the water is flushed too much, it will lead to the overall effect of the water bed. How much does a water bed weigh? Water beds of different sizes and models have different weights, ranging from 200 kg to 500 kg. Soft-sided sofa water beds are lighter than hard-sided water beds of the same size. The weight of a waterbed in a full water state is approximately equal to 5.6 adult weight. Will the water bed leak? The possibility is small, especially if you choose a well-known brand waterbed. The process of producing water beds is very complicated. The seams of the bed are very firm, and there are safety pads around all the mattresses, so that any water that flows out will be automatically trapped by the tarp and will not fall on the floor.
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