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Five major detection methods to check whether the formaldehyde in the home exceeds the standard

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-14
Studies have shown that formaldehyde has become the first type of carcinogen. Formaldehyde causes human nasopharyngeal cancer, nasal cavity cancer and sinus cancer, and can cause leukemia. Formaldehyde mainly comes from fibers, coatings, various synthetic woods, furniture, etc. used in interior decoration. Now decoration is mainly outsourced to decoration companies. The era of self-selected decoration materials and self-selected decoration workers has passed. We don't know the decoration materials used by the decoration company, so when we move into the new home, we'd better test the new home for formaldehyde. Here are some specific detection methods. The formaldehyde detector chooses a third-party testing company. Generally, individuals cannot directly detect formaldehyde. This invisible and intangible thing can only be detected by some physical and chemical methods. We will introduce these methods below, but if you dismiss these methods or If you don’t understand it at all, you can find a third-party testing company, and they will issue relevant testing certificates. Formaldehyde self-test box This is a simple and easy method for self-testing. Generally, you can use the self-test box to test before asking a third-party testing company to test. If you find that the score of formaldehyde may exceed the standard, you can find it again. A third-party company conducts sophisticated testing. The self-test box is similar to a pH test paper. You can get a formaldehyde score by comparing the colors. If the tested liquid is blue, it is a sign of exceeding the standard, and a professional company should be asked for testing as soon as possible. The self-experience test method judges based on your own feelings. For example, after the whole family moves into a new house, they have a collective cold, weakened immunity, and are prone to headaches and dizziness. Loss of energy makes it easy to get tired. I feel a pungent odor, especially when I get close to a certain piece of furniture, I feel tears in my eyes. At this time, do a more precise inspection as soon as possible, and keep the room well ventilated. The reaction of animals and plants. Observing the reaction of animals and plants can also detect formaldehyde to a certain extent. For example, plants wilt and die, which happens right after moving into a new house. The pets I keep are sick, do not eat food, have low resistance and decreased vitality, and always like to stay quietly. If this happens and your family members have similar reactions of low resistance, you can basically be sure that there is a problem with your new home. Physical and chemical methods to detect formaldehyde mostly use physical and chemical methods. This is the most sophisticated method, and it is also a method used by third-party testing companies, and most people are incapable of using it. The detection methods mainly include: AHMT spectrophotometry, phenol reagent spectrophotometry, gas chromatography electrochemistry, sensor method.
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