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Five kinds of fake chicken wing wood you have to know

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-14
The confusion of timber names in the mahogany furniture market has always been a major criticism in the industry. For some furniture that is not in the national standard of mahogany, merchants have tried their best to get in touch with words such as 'sandalwoodBe vigilant, not only high-end materials, even chicken wing wood has many false names. Here are some trees that use the name 'chicken wing wood' to help you get rid of the fake. The real Burmese chicken wing wood 1, Huang Pingpo. The genus Pingpo of the Parasolaceae, the Latin scientific name is Sterculia oblonga, and the market is commonly known as 'yellow chicken wing wood'. Arbors are 25~31m tall and 0.7~1.0m in diameter. Mainly distributed in tropical regions of Africa. 2. Purple Double Dragon Petal Beans. The genus Ssangyong-petal of the butterfly flower family, the Latin scientific name is Diplotropis purpurea, and the market is commonly known as 'black chicken wing wood'. The tree can reach 27-30m in height and 0.6-0.8m in diameter. It often grows in rain forests and mountains, mainly in Guyana, French Guiana, Brazil, Suriname and other places. 3. Prunus edulis tree. So that the Gentleman family is a genus of olive trees. The Latin name is Terminalia tomentosa. Mainly distributed in hot and humid regions such as South America, Africa, Myanmar, India, Vietnam, the darker color is used to pretend to be black rosewood, and the more divers pretend to be chicken wing wood, commonly known as 'Vietnamese chicken wing wood'. 4. Large flap beans. The genus Papilionaceae, the English name Angelim, is commonly known as 'white chicken wing wood'. The texture is staggered and the structure is uniform; it is very heavy and high in strength; it is resistant to corrosion, termites and other fungal pests. Slightly fragrant after drying. 5. Ganlan beans. Papilionaceae Ganlan bean is genus, the Latin scientific name is Acdira. It is 20-30m high and 0.2-0.8m in diameter. It is mainly distributed in tropical regions of South America and Central America. Weak luster; straight texture; fine and uniform structure; heavy and hard; medium strength. Related reading: What is the difference between old chicken wing wood, new chicken wing wood, and fake chicken wing wood?
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