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Five differences between leather sofa and fabric sofa

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-10
Many people often wander between leather sofas and fabric sofas when choosing home sofas. They don't know which one to choose. In fact, the main reason is that they don't have a deep understanding of the comparison between the two. Here are five aspects to introduce these two sofas, so that everyone can have more understanding and make a good sofa purchase decision: 1. The price starts with the price that everyone is most concerned about when buying furniture. Leather sofas are relatively The price of fabric sofa is much more expensive, mainly due to the scarcity of materials and complicated craftsmanship of leather sofas, so the price is naturally high. Fabric sofas are made with simpler materials and relatively cheaper prices. Related articles: What are the differences in the maintenance methods of sofa beds of different materials? 2, maintenance Let’s talk about the maintenance of sofas. The maintenance of leather sofas is more troublesome. Pay attention to moisture or leave stains. In addition, you must pay attention to brushing oil to keep the leather Also pay attention not to be scratched by sharp objects. The fabric sofa doesn't need to be so troublesome. Generally speaking, just be careful not to get a lot of moisture into the sofa. Cleaning is also very convenient. Most of the sofa covers are removed and cleaned directly. Maintenance and cleaning are much simpler and more convenient than leather sofas. 3. In terms of the style of the sofa, leather sofas are high-end, elegant and generous. They are usually placed in a relatively spacious living room. They appear luxurious, solemn and high-grade, but the fabrics and styles of the sofa are relatively simple, and there is no fabric sofa. Diversity. Fabric sofas are generally suitable for the tastes of young people. They are light and soft, and their shapes are varied and novel. The sofa fabrics have many styles and are very individual. If it is fabric sofas made of satin, silk and other fabrics, it will look more luxurious and elegant. Fabric sofa can be suitable for both high-end and luxurious decoration, but also suitable for small and fresh sweet home decoration. At this time, leather sofa can't match. 4. Process From the production process, fabric sofas are generally produced by mechanization, and the process is relatively simple, while leather sofas have to go through many process procedures, which are cumbersome and complicated. In many cases, they are made by hand. Fabric sofas are far less than leather sofas. 5. Lifetime Leather sofas are expensive and troublesome to maintain, but everyone knows that their service life is very long. A good leather sofa can be used after decades as long as it is properly maintained, while fabric sofas generally have a lifespan of several years. , Maybe the filling has collapsed, or the style is out of fashion, it will be replaced soon. In the service life of the leather sofa, there is no doubt that the use time is long. There is a big difference between leather sofas and fabric sofas, so you don't need to worry about buying a sofa, just choose according to your own ending decoration style and furniture purchase budget.
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