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Finely carved Ming furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-03
Exquisite fine wood carving is the main decorative technique in Ming-style furniture, which contains infinite aesthetic meaning; it is extraordinary and radiant. Its aesthetic value far exceeds the external value of traditional furniture itself, and it is indeed a rare treasure of Chinese classical art. Ming-style furniture represents the essence of Chinese classical furniture, and its shape and workmanship have reached the highest level. Chinese ancients paid the most attention to the selection of materials for Ming-style furniture carvings, and their requirements for materials have almost reached the level of picky. The so-called 'beautiful jade is flawless' is often borrowed as a standard for evaluating the value and grade of materials. The material should have tough texture, heavy color, fine and transparent texture. The golden age of Chinese traditional wooden furniture came into being in the Ming Dynasty, thanks to the acquisition of a large number of precious hardwood materials at this time. Ming-style furniture carving art is made with certain materials and through certain craftsmanship. The aesthetic characteristics of Ming furniture carvings are first manifested in the choice of materials. Since the Ming Dynasty, the sea ban has been increasingly liberalized, which has brought about developed sea and land transportation and trade. A large number of precious woods are continuously transported to the mainland from Southeast Asia and Hainan Island. Among them, red sandalwood, huanghuali wood, and wenge wood are more expensive. Therefore, the classic Ming-style furniture that is famous for later generations is mostly made of precious hardwood. This provided an extremely important material carrier not only for Ming furniture, but also for the magnificence and development of Ming furniture carving. The red sandalwood has a metal-like color and a satin-like texture from dark black to purple red. Its hard material and meticulous texture are suitable for carving. It is the most delicately carved wood for classical furniture, and those with exquisite carvings can reach the level of overshooting. It can be said that the outstanding works carved from red sandalwood in Ming-style furniture can represent the highest production level of Chinese classical furniture. Huanghuali wood is brownish-yellow or brownish-red, luxurious and patience. It has many advantages such as not easy to crack, not easy to deform, easy to shape, and good for carving. It is the best wood for making furniture with the same effect as red sandalwood. The fine carvings in Ming-style furniture bring out the subtle, dignified roundness, and vigorous and vigorous texture of the red sandalwood wood grain, and the warm and jade-like sentiment of the yellow rosewood, the texture of the flowing water, and the texture of the flowing water. The characteristics of warping and not cracking can be used thoroughly. After hundreds of years of weathering, the carved treasures of Ming-style furniture have formed a thick coating on the surface of the objects, which is like a clear and shiny beautiful jade, which is lovely.
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