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Feng Shui Essentials of Shoe Cabinet

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-02
According to legend, Confucius wrote the 'Xi Ci' when he annotated the 'Book of ChangesWill putting a shoe cabinet at home affect good or bad luck? Does it affect gains and losses? The shoe cabinet is a collection of items belonging to local talents, and naturally belongs to 'local talents'. Therefore, the height of the shoe cabinet in the house can only account for one-third of the height of the floor of the house. If it is higher than this number, it is an 'invasion' of talents. So, what if you unfortunately bought a very tall shoe cabinet? The method is very simple. As long as you put the shoes you have worn in the cabinet below three feet in the shoe cabinet, and put the new shoes that have not been worn in the cabinet above three feet, this is the place to match the ground. method. Shoes that have not been worn but are owned by people belong to talents, and they are placed in a higher cabinet of the shoe cabinet to match talents. From another point of view, there are countless bacteria hidden in old shoes, and they should not be placed higher in the house, otherwise the space will be filled with bacteria, and the family will not be sick. In addition, shoes should only be placed near the main entrance, and should not be placed in other places in the house, including the bedroom. Many women have a lot of different styles of shoes, and they like to put them in the bedroom so that they can choose shoes before going to the street. However, in terms of Feng Shui, the shoes worn on the street are contaminated with the five elements of gold, wood, water, fire, and earth. They are usually messy, so they should only be placed near the gates where you often enter. If you put your shoes around, the 'bad air' outside will enter the house with the shoes, directly affecting the fortune of the people in the house. Therefore, it is best to add a shoe cabinet at home and put all the shoes in the cabinet, so that bad magnetic fields cannot be released casually. For homes where the door faces the corridor, the shoe cabinet can also be used as a screen to block the evil spirits rushing through the door. As for the new shoes that have never been worn on the street, or the slippers for indoor use, there is no problem in putting them anywhere in the house. Pay attention to the direction of the shoe cabinet. If the head of the family is engaged in clerical work, he should place the shoe cabinet in his home’s literary position, that is, the southeast; blue-collar workers and other friends who rely on labor to make a living should be placed in the military position. The northwest is the most advantageous and will help make the career better. Floors. The above orientations are applicable for many years and do not need to be changed every year. From the perspective of feng shui, a five-storey shoe cabinet is better because it represents the coexistence of the five elements. A shoe cabinet with less than five floors is not a big problem. More than this number of floors is a taboo, because shoes are soil and should be 'down to earth'. If the shoes are placed too high, it will affect the wearer. It is easy to sprain and fall when walking. Furthermore, shoes represent the 'foundationFor the same reason, it is best to put five pairs of shoes on each floor of the shoe cabinet to achieve the effect of balancing the five elements.
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