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Features of modern minimalist style furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-14
For a long time, the development of plastic arts such as furniture design and architecture has synchronized with the development of styles and constitutes an important part of human culture and art. Therefore, the development process of furniture not only reflects the development of human beings in material civilization, but also shows the human spirit. The progress of civilization. Due to the progress of civilization and technology, the connotation of modern furniture design is endless. Furniture has evolved from wood age to metal age, plastic age, ecological age, from architecture to environment, from indoor to outdoor, from family to city, modern furniture The design and creation of the company has unlimited vitality. Modern minimalist style: The modern minimalist style is concise and lively, practical and generous. Because the 'minimalist' philosophy of life prevails in today's popular culture.  Modern avant-garde style: Relying on new materials, new technologies and endless changes in light and shadow, pursuing unconventional space deconstruction, bold and contrasting color arrangements, and a combination of rigid and soft materials.  Elegantism: The proprietors in the literary and artistic circles and education circles have a soft spot for elegance. They emphasize taste, comfort and warmth, but they also require a relatively simple design style.   Neo-classical style: Neo-classical style. This style has the dual aesthetic effect of classic and modern. The perfect combination also allows people to get spiritual comfort while enjoying material civilization.  Mediterranean style: The characteristic of Mediterranean style is to pay attention to space collocation in combination, choose natural and soft colors, make full use of every inch of space, and integrate decoration and application.
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