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Features of Korean furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-02
Korean-style furniture mainly focuses on paint and decoration craftsmanship. Its woodworking and lacquerware craftsmanship is the industry leader, coupled with exquisite carving and decoration techniques, combined with Korean life and aesthetic habits, Korean-style furniture is small, exquisite, fashionable, and practical. It is very suitable for Chinese and Asian people with petite bodies. Ivory with brilliant colors and exquisite patterns, solid wood frame structure and hand-carved flowers, while bringing people calm and comfort, it is increasingly gaining the favor of the younger generation. Compared with European-style and Chinese-style furniture, Korean-style furniture is more concise and practical. It lacks the atmosphere of European-style and Chinese-style furniture, but is more refined and delicate. Koreans are accustomed to laying cushions and mats on the ground, and then sitting and lying on them, so Korean furniture is small and compact, and most of them are designed with a low profile. The surface of furniture is also often painted with various colored paints, but the colors are not too gorgeous. Korean furniture mostly has traditional Korean wood carvings, but only a small area of u200bu200bembellishment, the carvings are simple, elegant and abstract. In ancient times, the carpenters of this country paid great attention to the details and craftsmanship of the furniture, so the Korean-style furniture felt calm and practical. Modern Korean furniture is characterized by freshness, naturalness, cleanliness, elegance and pursuit of fashion. Smooth lines, rounded corners, tranquil ivory white and exquisite craftsmanship, soft, delicate, and beautiful are one of the highlights. Korean-style furniture is mostly light-colored, and many of the furniture is pure white or off-white. It is obviously inappropriate to put it in the home like this. Therefore, when decorating Korean-style furniture, the colors must be properly matched. Although white is a versatile color, it is recommended It is best to use broken flowers or colorful patterns to better express the style of the furniture. It is recommended to highlight the theme of the rural style. In addition, it is best to avoid pure white on the wall of Korean furniture, which will make it difficult to express the sense of hierarchy in the room. The wall can also choose wallpaper with floral patterns. When arranging rustic-style furnishings, be sure to prevent the colors from being too close. Use a small amount of bright colors to play the role of refreshing and stretching.
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