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Features of American furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-24
Comfortable enough to not want to leave In the United States, many families prefer to hold parties in their own homes, so creating an atmosphere that is so comfortable that they don’t want to leave is the keynote of American decor. American sofas are mostly spacious, practical, and stylish, with soft tones. The surface of the sofa is mostly high-end fabrics densely woven with thick warp and weft threads. Observing the surface, you can see that the stitches on the fabric are fine and dense, and the sofa will not shake if you shake it by hand. Don't emphasize the design and placement of complete sets and groups, but advocate free mix and match, and pay attention to personal habits. Emphasize practicality everywhere, regardless of the size of American furniture, but almost all American furniture is very practical. For example, there are tables specially used for sewing, and large dining tables that can be lengthened or disassembled into several small tables are also common. For another example, many American-style functional sofas are grayish and dark. The details are exquisite and the thick bulk of American furniture cannot conceal the exquisiteness of the details. For example, the hardware decoration of American furniture is often very sophisticated, and a small handle has hundreds of shapes. These gadgets make American furniture more stylish. Comparing the details of American furniture and European furniture carefully, you will find that the paint of American furniture is dominated by a single color, while most European furniture will be decorated with gold or other colors. The older the furniture, the better American furniture has a sense of history than those bright furniture, because it loves old craftsmanship, the original shiny furniture surface, deliberately leaving traces of knives, as if it has been used for many years. The paint applied is mostly dull matte color, and the rejection of bright surfaces also stems from the hope that the older the furniture is, the better. The nobleness to the bones and gold and silver are the nobleness advocated by European-style furniture, while the style of American furniture is relatively simple, emphasizing the nobleness of unassuming. In order to highlight the characteristics of the wood itself, American furniture veneers usually use complex sheet processing, making the texture itself a kind of decoration, which can produce different light perceptions at different angles. This makes American furniture more attractive than European-style furniture with golden light.
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