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Features and design skills of Korean furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-02
Compared with the atmospheric Chinese furniture, the Korean furniture is obviously much more sophisticated, most of which are simple and generous, and they are mostly arranged in a straight line. Because many complicated designs are removed, it saves space and is more suitable for small apartments. It is not only beautiful, but also can meet the different requirements of the owners. The inclusiveness of Korean furniture allows it to do a lot in a small space. If you look closely, you will find that compared to ordinary furniture, Korean furniture is definitely a big belly. The most commendable is its classic design of large wall cabinets. In terms of space, it seems a bit difficult to have an independent cloakroom, but this kind of large wall cabinet is definitely a good thing that can replace the cloakroom. Standing against the wall, there is basically not much decoration, you can completely put down the bedding, clothes, etc., so that the space of the room will be much more spacious. Similarly, whether it is a dressing table or a TV cabinet, Korean-style furniture is also known for its compactness. The one-meter-long dressing table and small TV cabinet are very practical, and there is no need to worry about running out of space. These small objects seem simple, but in fact the design is very delicate. Simple lines and shapes should outline warmth and practicality, which is really a test of design ability. The soft cushions and floor mats on the floor make Korean furniture small and compact. Most of them use low design. At the same time, Korean-style beds also inherit this feature. There are absolutely no protruding and complicated headboards, just a few simple ones. A line, if the place is small, then this kind of furniture is undoubtedly the best choice. 'Korean style' followers have a large age span. For many women, besides the style, the most attractive thing is definitely the color, the romantic lace, green plants, classic white furniture, the ubiquitous ** dolls, plush Carpets and other decorations make Korean furniture full of romantic colors. Compared with other furniture, the main materials of Korean furniture are mostly white or beige, with small floral fabrics or decorative patterns, and light orange, tender powder, grass green, sky blue, light purple and other colors are the main colors. It makes the home show a rustic romance without losing the charm of maturity, so the followers of Korean style also have a large age span. Choosing Korean furniture is not only young and fashionable women, but also people in their 40s and 50s. Of course, some consumers are worried that the light color of Korean furniture is not easy to clean. In fact, don’t worry too much. With the current level of craftsmanship, it has been able to solve the problem that Korean furniture may change color over time, and some furniture has been specially made before leaving the factory. The treatment is very consistent with the concept of not new when you buy and not old when you use it, and the effect is very good. Although the products are good, matching is the key. Driven by the concept of light decoration and heavy decoration, many people have begun to pay attention to the matching of home furnishings. For Korean furniture, matching is particularly important. First of all, Korean-style furniture is mostly light-colored, and many of the furniture is pure white or off-white. If it is placed in the home like this, it is obviously inappropriate. Therefore, when decorating Korean-style furniture, the colors must be properly matched, although white is a versatile color. However, it is recommended to use broken flowers or colorful patterns to better express the style of the furniture. It is recommended to highlight the theme of the rural style. In addition, it is best to avoid pure white on the wall of Korean furniture, which will make it difficult to express the sense of hierarchy in the room. The wall can also choose wallpaper with floral patterns. When arranging rustic-style furnishings, be sure to prevent the colors from being too close. Use a small amount of bright colors to play the role of refreshing and stretching. Compared with the American pastoral style, Korean style furniture is a bit less atmospheric, but a bit more delicate. They don’t have the exquisitely carved patterns of American pastoral style, but they are a bit more compact. Decorating with accessories is more cute and warm. Therefore, accessories of Korean furniture should be avoided as much as possible. Large and small accessories should be mainly small and delicate, such as exquisite porcelain. Colorful glazed accessories, plush products, etc. At the same time, cloth art is also a key element of Korean furniture matching. If these things are matched properly, it will completely subvert the original feeling of the room and make the room colorful. The application of colors and patterns such as pillows and curtains can instantly highlight Create a fragrant atmosphere and add a natural atmosphere to the home.
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