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Features and brands of Korean furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-01
Korean furniture mostly has traditional Korean wood carvings, but only a small area of u200bu200bembellishment, the carvings are simple, elegant and abstract. Korean furniture focuses on paint and decoration craftsmanship. Its woodworking and lacquerware craftsmanship is the industry leader, coupled with exquisite carving and decoration techniques, combined with Korean life and aesthetic habits, small, exquisite, fashionable and practical, so Korean furniture is very Suitable for Chinese and Asian people with petite bodies. Features of Korean-style furniture 1. Korean-style furniture is usually cream-white. Korean-style furniture usually uses high-grade birch, catalpa wood, etc. as the frame, so the price of Korean-style furniture is higher than that of board-style furniture. With fine carvings, smooth lines, rounded corners, and quiet ivory white, Korean-style furniture is very attractive in appearance. 2. The workmanship of Korean furniture is more exquisite. Due to the integration of the characteristics of Chinese furniture, Korean furniture can see many shadows of Chinese furniture on the carved flowers. Because of the influence of European and American styles and different from the meticulousness of Chinese styles, the unique Korean furniture style emerges spontaneously. Combining the various advantages and layout styles of European style furniture and Chinese style furniture, the workmanship of Korean style furniture is more delicate and elegant. Unlike European style, panel furniture is more suitable for Asian habits, so it is in line with the touch and comfort. The taste of the Chinese people. 3. Korean-style furniture is generally small and exquisite. Korean-style furniture comes from the peninsula. The unique geographical environment makes Korean-style furniture small and exquisite. With the increase in housing prices, small apartments are becoming more and more acceptable. Therefore, Korean-style furniture is becoming more and more popular. Not to mention, Korean-style furniture has a high matching effect for small-sized households, and it is easy to make small homes warm and soft. Korean Furniture Ranking List Korean Furniture Ranking 1 My e-home Korean furniture My e-home Korean furniture is supported by Qiao Li Group, which was founded in 1988, is an old-brand furniture manufacturer, and a full set of Italian furniture is introduced. The modern furniture production base for the production of machinery and equipment. The selected plates are non-toxic, harmless, and non-polluting nano-ply panels. The details are made of real materials. The paint is environmentally friendly paint. The main materials are all imported from Germany and Italy. , To ensure that the quality and environmental protection characteristics of the Korean-style furniture produced meet international standards. Korean furniture rankings—Smack Korean furniture Smack Korean furniture mainly uses imported Southwestern birch wood, imported from Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia. Its moderate texture makes it the first choice for high-end furniture. The internal panels use high-density fiberboard. The release of free formaldehyde from all kinds of boards has reached the European E-1 standard, which will not harm your health. It is an ideal green furniture. Korean furniture ranking-Tong'ange Korean furniture Tong'ange Korean furniture series are designed by top Korean designers to cater to people's yearning and desire for green and environmental protection. The main material uses the combination of board and wood to absorb the essence of Korean style and connect fashion and art. Using solid wood as the main material to fully demonstrate the natural texture of solid wood, the design is in the same line, introverted and not overstated, is the perfect fusion of Korean modern home furnishing concepts and traditional Chinese home furnishing philosophy. Korean Furniture Ranking-Hibiscus Love Korean Furniture Hibiscus Love Korean furniture is named after Korea’s national flower 'Hibiscus'. Its design and production style is based on the noble ivory white color as its rhyme, with the fashionable and elegant line beauty and fine and unique solid wood carvings as its soul, and the integration of local characteristics perfectly shows the comfort, nature, and romance of Korean furniture. List-Orlik Korean Furniture Orlik Furniture's design not only has a western charm that expresses typical European and American furniture styles, but also has an oriental flavor that is in line with the national life characteristics of Asian countries. The style is similar to that of Eastern postmodernism, but it is even more pure and natural.
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