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Experts interpret the four differences between rosewood and rosewood

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-20
Among the mahogany furniture, there are relatively more furniture of rosewood and rosewood. The national standard of 'Redwood' includes five categories and eight categories, of which eight categories are red sandalwood, fragrant wood, and black rosewood. Category, red rosewood, rosewood, ebony, chicken wing wood, striped ebony, of which there is only one type of red sandalwood and fragrant wood, namely small leaf red sandalwood and Hainan yellow pear. Currently these two materials It has been on the verge of extinction, and some of the remaining old materials have also entered the auction field. At present, the woods of rosewood, black rosewood and red rosewood are mostly used in the market. When you visit the mahogany furniture store, you will find that, what is the difference between rosewood and rosewood? From left to right, they are black rosewood, red rosewood, and rosewood. The difference in color is also obvious. The color of rosewood is reddish brown to purplish red, relatively uniform, the ray organization is the same, and there is no abnormal ray organization tendency, usually single row. The color of red-black rosewood wood is reddish brown to purplish red or black, relatively uniform, often mixed with dark stripes, the ray structure is usually the same shape, and the tendency of abnormal shape is obvious, usually 2 rows, less single row rays. Through the comparison of the above aspects, everyone can clearly distinguish rosewood and rosewood, and rosewood is obviously better than rosewood. Rosewood is a relatively common type of rosewood, and acid The branch wood is the high-grade mahogany second only to the small leaf red sandalwood and huanghuali, and its collection value and investment appreciation potential are very large. When purchasing mahogany furniture, you can choose according to your own needs and hobbies. 2. In terms of smell, rosewood and black rosewood, red rosewood are also very different. Rosewood wood has a spicy and aromatic odor, while hedgehog red sandalwood has a bad smell; while red and black rosewood has a strong smell. The sour smell. Extended reading: The difference between black rosewood, red rosewood, and white rosewood. 3. The difference between rosewood and black rosewood and red rosewood in the fluorescence reaction. There is fluorescence (Pterocarpus auriculata is the most prominent), but red rosewood and black rosewood do not. 4. The difference in weight between rosewood, black rosewood and red rosewood. Rosewood belongs to the genus Pterocarpus, including seven species, namely, Pterocarpus hedgehog, Pterocarpus indica, Indian Pterocarpus, Andaman Pterocarpus, Pterocarpus macrocarpa, and Saccharum Red sandalwood, red sandalwood, and rosewood all have the word 'red sandalwood' behind them. Since they belong to the same genus, these seven wood species have many similarities. The common ones on the market are Hedgehog Pterocarpus and Big Fruit Pterocarpus. The hedgehog rosewood is also called the African rosewood, and the big fruit rosewood is called the Burmese rosewood. Rosewood woods are lighter and softer, mostly floating in water, with an air-dry density of 0.53-1.01 grams per cubic centimeter (average 0.79-0.91 grams per cubic centimeter); rosewood includes black rosewood and red rosewood, red acid The branches of wood are mostly submerged in water, and the air-dry of 7 kinds of red rosewood (Dalbergia barri, Dalbergia sibiricum, Dalbergia cochinensis, Dalbergia villus, Dalbergia australis, Dalbergia australis, Dalbergia vulgaris) The density is 0.90-1.22 grams per cubic centimeter (average 1.02-1.14 grams per cubic centimeter). Black rosewood also sinks more in water, 8 kinds of black rosewood (knife-shaped black rosewood, black rosewood, broadleaf rosewood, Lushi black rosewood, East African black rosewood, Brazilian black rosewood, Amazon yellow The air-dry density of sandalwood and Dalbergia Belize) is 0.82-1.33 grams per cubic centimeter (average 0.92-1.06 grams per cubic centimeter). It can be seen that in terms of weight, both black rosewood and red rosewood are much heavier than rosewood woods. When purchasing, consumers can weigh the weight. Extended reading: How to identify red rosewood furniture
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