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European furniture classification

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-18
European-style furniture can be divided into four types: European-style classical furniture, European-style neo-classical furniture, European-style pastoral furniture, and simple European-style furniture according to different styles and details. European classical furniture European classical style as an important home furnishing genre continues the characteristics of the royal noble furniture from the 17th to the 19th century. It strives for perfection in every detail, pursues luxury and elegance in solemn style, and integrates modern design techniques to get closer. In terms of practicality, it reveals the historical traces of European traditions and profound cultural heritage. European-style neo-classical furniture European-style neo-classical furniture abandons the overly complicated texture and decoration, and simplifies the lines. Combining classical style with personal unique style and modern spirit, classical furniture presents a colorful appearance. Although it has classical curves and curved surfaces, it lacks classical carvings and uses more straight lines of modern furniture. White, coffee, yellow, and magenta are the common main colors in European style. A small amount of white is combined to make the colors look bright and generous, and make the whole space give people an extraordinary atmosphere of openness and tolerance. European-style pastoral furniture European-style pastoral furniture abandons the glitz and complexity of Baroque and Rococo styles, emphasizes the unique cultural connotation of Europe as a whole, pays attention to concise, clear lines and elegant and decent decoration, plus is influenced by traditional handicrafts, and adopts modern Advanced technology makes European pastoral furniture more graceful, elegant and noble. European-style pastoral furniture pays attention to details, and a small handle has hundreds of shapes. Moreover, the painting process of European-style pastoral furniture is complicated, and the processing in some details is very different from other furniture. The texture pattern produced is steady and delicate. In modern cities, European pastoral furniture may not represent the real countryside or pastoral. It is more like an experience of people advocating nature, allowing people to relax and unwind their body and mind. As if breathing the breath of nature. Simple European style furniture is also called simple European style furniture. European style simple style furniture is in the same line as European classical style furniture, and has the same advantages as American style furniture. On the basis of following the tradition, more is the pursuit of comfort and practicality of furniture. It abandons the complexity of classical furniture, and more uses simple lines and natural solid wood textures, but without losing nobility and elegance. . A simple but not simple design style is realized.
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