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Essentials for visiting IKEA: Do you know what to prepare before visiting IKEA?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-07
IKEA stores are generally located far away from the city. Therefore, even if you have a car, it is not easy to travel to IKEA all the way. Therefore, you must make various preparations before going to make your trip worthwhile. , What should I prepare? Take a look! 1. Necessary for visiting IKEA: membership card IKEA is a membership system. Customers without a membership card can shop and consume at IKEA, but they cannot enjoy member specials and free coffee. Although you can apply for free by filling out the form in the IKEA store, and we usually go to IKEA on weekends, the passenger flow of IKEA will be much more than usual. There are always many people in the place where the membership card is issued. If you go to the site to apply for it, you will waste a lot of shopping. time. Therefore, it is recommended that you apply in advance! However, IKEA is very thoughtful. The membership card can be directly processed on the IKEA website. The so-called one card in hand, everything is worry-free. Let's take a look at the process of applying for an IKEA membership card online. First of all, we have to log in to the official website of IKEA China, in the upper right corner of the homepage, click IKEA Club to enter the membership page. On the left side of the member page, click Join IKEA Club to enter the member registration page. Fill in the basic information. All the items in the red box are required. Please be sure to fill in the real information. After filling in the basic information, enter the verification code, and click Next to save the information. This step is to subscribe to the IKEA e-newsletter form. If you need it, fill it in if you need it, and skip it if you don’t need it. Finally, congratulations, you have become an IKEA member, and IKEA will send an email to your registered mailbox to welcome you to join. Maybe everyone has questions, isn't it a membership card? Where's the card? Mail it? (The online membership card IKEA will be mailed to the address you filled in about 2 weeks) Actually, it doesn’t need to be so complicated. Save the membership card number in the red box in your mobile phone. You can enjoy membership exclusive by showing this number when shopping. NS. (If you need an on-site friend, please bring your ID card, otherwise the on-site staff will not handle it for you.) 2. Necessary for visiting IKEA: After the gadget membership card is registered, can you go to IKEA? ? NO~NO~NO~, IKEA is not as simple as you think, friends who have bought furniture must have experience, yes, size, you must measure the size of furniture! Especially the sofa and bed used in the living room. So before you go out, prepare a few small things, a tape measure measuring 2-5 meters, a ballpoint pen, and a note pad. These things will be useful. In addition, don't forget to bring a camera. If possible, you must bring a SLR. IKEA can take pictures, even the price of the product. Of course, bringing a camera is not only for shooting products and prices, IKEA has a lot of creative places and products, so it is easy to become a paradise for couples and photography enthusiasts. Now we have prepared the items to go to IKEA. Now we are going to the final and most important step of preparation. After this step, you can make your IKEA trip more efficient. 3. Find IKEA's address, transportation and business hours. IKEA's stores are very large, with many brands and products. If you go directly, you will feel dazzled. If you don't know where to look, your prior homework is even more important. In fact, you can search for the addresses of IKEA stores across the country on the website to query IKEA stores. 4. Necessary for visiting IKEA: Check IKEA promotions. Shopping activities are promotions for the entire store, and IKEA Club is a promotion for IKEA members. You can inquire about relevant promotion information in the promotion section of the store, or you can view all the discounted products listed on the page in the member exclusive area of u200bu200bthe IKEA official website. Click on the product you want according to your needs. After clicking on a product, you will see a pop-up box as shown above, which contains all the information of the corresponding product, such as brand, price, item number, size, etc. If you have taken a fancy to this product, please write down the article number of this product with a note, be sure to write it down! Like the table in the picture above, you may go to the site to check the quality and so on before picking up the goods. If it is a small item, you can write down the item number and pick up the goods directly at the store's pick-up office; if you want to go to the site to see the product, then You can write down the brand, look directly at the map of the mall or ask the staff of the mall to find the brand directly, saving a lot of time and energy. Member exclusive products If there is no product you need in the discounted products, then it does not matter, please click the 'All Products' option in the above picture, here is a list of all IKEA products, and they are classified according to different functions for customers to choose. Of course, you can also choose the products you want according to different areas of the home (living room, bedroom, etc.) in the blue navigation bar above. Okay, let's just open a product and see what's inside the product. Product category page This product page is basically the same as the discount information page above, but please pay attention to the content in the red box, which is why you have to write down the item number just now, right! in stock! You watched for a long time and chose a favorite sofa. When you went to the store to pick up the goods, you were told that it was out of stock. How do you feel? So no matter what product it is, check the inventory to avoid accidents. The page of discounted products You can’t directly query the inventory. You can directly enter the product number in the search box at the top of the page, click search, and you can find the corresponding product to query the inventory. (PS: When checking inventory, you must choose the right store. The inventory of each store is different.) Related reading: IKEA's survey of life against the sky. Do people in Mumbai prefer morning sex?
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