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Essentials for Taste of Life: Knowledge of Family Bar Design

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-28
The bar is a symbol of taste and leisurely life, and a representative of fashionable home furnishings. Both large and small homeowners like to have a bar in their home. The bar can be set in the living room, dining room, kitchen, even on the balcony and bedroom, as long as you like, the taste of life is everywhere. Many friends will reserve a place for the bar when decorating their homes. Here is an introduction to the composition of the bar. 1. The style of the bar counter The bar counter is composed of (front bar) bar cabinet (rear bar) and operation table (center bar). The size and composition of the bar are also different due to specific conditions, and the styles can be varied. The basic three types of bar counter designs are usually a straight bar with closed sides. Such a bar can protrude into the room or recess into one end of the room. There is no fixed size for a linear bar. It is generally believed that a bar that a barman can effectively control is about 3.5 meters. Another shape of the bar is a horseshoe-shaped bar, or U-shaped bar. The bar protrudes into the room. Generally, three or more operating points are arranged, and two sections are against the wall. In the middle of the U-shaped bar, one can be installed. Concave storage cabinet. The third type is the circular bar, or the square bar in the middle. In the middle of this kind of bar, there is an island for storage and display of wine, and other forms of semicircle, ellipse and wave. The shape of the family bar generally uses the 'L' or 'T' shape, avoiding missing corners or overly protruding shapes. 2. The size of the bar counter The depth of the counter top must depend on the function of the bar. Drinking only drinks and the width of the bar counter are different. If you only drink or have a meal, then the width of the counter should be larger. If the counter is prepared With seats, the countertop has to protrude from the bar itself, so the depth of the countertop must be at least 40~60 cm. The underside of the bar with this width is also more convenient for storage. The bar counter built with corners needs at least 90cm of operating space, and the height of the bar has two sizes, the single-layer bar is about 110cm up and down, the double-layer bar is 80cm and 105cm, the gap between them must be at least 25cm, and the inner layer can be placed. thing. How long should the bar counter be? Generally speaking, the smallest sink needs to be 60cm long and the operating table 60cm. Others can be measured according to your own needs. 3. The location of the bar counter requires the bar counter to be installed indoors. The bar counter must be regarded as a part of the complete space, not just a piece of furniture. A good design can integrate the bar counter into the space. There are no specific rules for the location of the bar. Designers usually suggest to use some distorted space. If the bar is integrated as the main body of the space, it is necessary to carefully consider the direction of the movement. Good design is guiding, making living and communication more comfortable invisibly. Of course, the location will also affect the circuit and water supply and drainage design, especially when the corners are far away from the pipeline or the drainage pipe, the drainage becomes a big problem. The drain pipe must have a certain inclination angle. If the bar is close to the outdoors, you can connect the drain pipe to the outdoors and use a separate pipeline to drain the water; if the pipeline must be connected to the pipe and the slope is insufficient, and the pipe must be installed from the ceiling or wall, the construction will be more troublesome. The cost will increase accordingly. If you want to use high power consumption electrical appliances in the bar, such as induction cookers, it is best to design a separate circuit to prevent the circuit from tripping. Related reading: The purchase principle of the family bar chair four, the bar configuration The bar design should be elegant and comfortable, full of beautiful and generous, and the atmosphere should be cordial and soft. It is best to use luxurious and elegant high-grade marble decoration. However, because marble gives people a cold feeling, most of the bar counters are framed with wood or metal and covered with dark hardwood. The design and decoration of the bar should be carried out in terms of equipment, walls, floors, ceilings, lighting, windows and some decorative objects. Bar stools can generally be divided into two types: central axis steel pipe chairs with rotation angle and adjustment function and fixed high-leg wooden bar stools. When purchasing a bar stool, consider its material and appearance, and pay attention to it. The height of the bar matches the height of the bar, otherwise it will give people an uncomfortable feeling. Cup holders and wine racks are also necessary because they are both space-saving storage tools. Some families can also consider buying a trolley, which can easily deliver food or drinks prepared in the bar to the restaurant. Sometimes, the atmosphere of the bar needs to be created by lighting, so a lot of effort is needed in the choice of lighting. Generally speaking, warm-toned light is more suitable for sitting for a long time, and it is also easy to create an atmosphere. The yellow lighting is less eye-catching, coupled with the strong light of the spotlight, it can penetrate the display cabinet and give the bar a bright visual experience. If the bar uses a glass cabinet, it is best to install lighting and decorative lamps above the inside of the cabinet. A glass mirror is set on the back wall of the cabinet to reflect the items in the cabinet, giving people a pleasing feeling. The light above the wine cabinet should not be too bright. In summer, use a 15-watt blue bulb, which can give people a cool and tranquil feeling; in winter, orange-red bulbs can be used to create a warm and hazy effect; if If you are a couple, you can also use pink light bulbs, which can give people a sweet and romantic atmosphere.
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