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Environmental protection is really simple

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-15
Simplicity originates from modern minimalism. It pays attention to the simplification of design elements, colors, lighting, and raw materials, and strives to minimize the quality. At the same time, it strongly emphasizes the texture of colors and materials, and aims to show the effect of simpler than complex. It can be said that simple style is synonymous with quality of life while meeting people's desire for economy, practicality and comfort, while also showing a certain cultural taste. As a representative of minimalist style, Qumei believes that the rarity of materials is not the decisive factor of texture. Deliberately using precious woods to emphasize texture is actually a trend toward formalism in the name of quality, and the gimmicks won far outweigh the substance. The reputation gained will only be temporary, but the harm to nature will be long-term. Exchange of economic benefits for ecological benefits is to kill chickens, and it will definitely do more harm than good to the long-term operation of the enterprise and the creation of a harmonious relationship between man and land. Therefore, Qumei resolutely gave up the theory of wood only in the choice of the original material, used the simplicity of the design to interpret the texture, the refinement of the details to maintain the texture, and return to the simplicity and practicality. Creating under the premise of protecting nature is an attitude that humans should maintain when coexisting with nature. Natural generosity is not an excuse for human beings to give and ask. On the contrary, natural tolerance reminds mankind that greed is undesirable and will bring destruction. Only by returning to the primitive, returning to the basics, and simple in nature, can we reduce the clamor of desire and achieve a true quality of life. Qumei furniture is made of environmentally friendly materials. In Buddhism, there is a saying of 'according to the right and right'. The so-called 'Yi' refers to the right return, and 'Zheng' refers to the right return. The former refers to things, that is, the world, and the latter refers to things. It refers to people, and the two are closely related. This is the life and the life, and the extinction and the extinction. What is emphasized is the dispersion of causes and conditions. This is the environmental protection in Buddhism. Related reading: How to choose environmentally friendly furniture? Commercial society is full of hustle and bustle, the most primitive comfort is abandoned, the heart is no longer clear, no longer believe in pure white, this is a kind of regret. All things have spirits, and human beings are also things. People should be grateful for the supply of things to humans. In the use of things, they should learn to exercise restraint and keep everything simple. This is not only a kind treatment of things, but also the cultivation of the human heart. It is a blessing to be simple. Knowing how to give and take, know how to overcome desire and greed, let the heart become primitive, enjoy clarity and clarity, is the simplicity of human beings. Environmental protection makes the relationship between people and things simple, and environmental protection is the real simplicity.
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