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Elderly bedroom furniture requirements

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-23
In elderly residences and facilities for the elderly, in addition to the regular sleeping functions of the elderly, the bedrooms often perform many other activities, such as reading newspapers, watching TV, and surfing the Internet. For the bedridden elderly with limited mobility, the bedroom has become the main place for the elderly to live. Therefore, in addition to the bed, bedside tables, wardrobes and desks are all essential furniture in the bedroom. What issues should they pay attention to when choosing? Today, we combine our research on elderly residences and facilities for the elderly, as well as our experience in selecting parts, and summarize some key points when choosing bedside tables, wardrobes and desks for the elderly for your reference. The height of the bedside table is slightly higher than the bed. Edge baffle to prevent water splashing and objects from falling off. The slot of the drawer faces upwards, and liquid on the tabletop is easy to seep; the countertop covers the slot to prevent liquid from seeping. The lower part of the bedside table is left empty for inconvenient access to items; the upper part of the bedside table is clear, which is convenient for frequent items. There is a gap at the bottom of the bedside table; there is no gap at the bottom of the bedside table. The door of the cabinet is opened by pulling the hand, which is inconvenient to apply force; the door of the cabinet is opened by the handle, which is convenient for applying force. There are too few cabinets in the storage space, which is inconvenient for the elderly to use. The cabinet shelf in the upper part of the closet is too high, which makes it inconvenient to pick and place items. The drawer is arranged in the cabinet, which is unfavorable to use; the drawer is arranged directly to the outside, which is convenient to use. The material is mild and the size is appropriate. Extended reading: How to correctly choose furniture for the elderly The desk has drawers directly under it, and the seat cannot be inserted; there are five drawers under the desk, and the horizontal members are easy for the elderly to grasp. There is a drawer on one side of the desk to store commonly used items. The seat is light, but without armrests, it is inconvenient for the elderly to use; the seat has armrests, but it is larger in size and inconvenient for the elderly to use.
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