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Eight factors affecting the quality of solid wood furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-11
Solid wood furniture is pure solid wood furniture, which is made of natural wood that has not been reprocessed and does not use any artificial panels. The natural texture gives solid wood furniture a unique beauty, which is also loved by people. The quality of solid wood furniture is mainly affected by the external and internal aspects. 1. External factors 1. Temperature Temperature is the main factor that affects the drying speed of wood. As the temperature rises, the water pressure in the wood increases, and the viscosity of the liquid free water decreases, which is beneficial to promote the flow and diffusion of water in the wood; the moisture solubility of the copper wire drying medium is improved, and the evaporation of water on the wood surface is accelerated. But it is worth noting that if the temperature is too high, it will cause cracking and deformation of the wood, reduce the mechanical strength, discoloration, etc., which should be properly controlled. 2. Humidity Relative humidity is an important factor affecting wood drying speed. In the case of the same temperature and airflow velocity, the higher the relative humidity, the greater the partial pressure of water vapor in the medium, and the more difficult it is for the moisture on the surface of the wood to evaporate into the medium, and the slower the drying speed; when the relative humidity is low, the surface moisture will evaporate quickly. The moisture content of the surface layer decreases, the moisture content gradient increases, the moisture diffusion increases, and the drying speed is fast. However, if the relative humidity is too low, it will cause the occurrence or even aggravation of drying defects such as cracking and honeycomb. 3. Air circulation speed Air circulation speed is another factor that affects wood drying speed. High-speed airflow can destroy the saturated steam boundary layer on the surface of the wood, thereby improving the heat and mass transfer conditions between the medium and the wood, and speeding up the drying speed. For difficult-to-dry wood or when the moisture content of the wood is low, the movement of moisture inside the wood determines the drying speed; increasing the flow rate of the large medium to speed up the evaporation of surface moisture has no practical meaning, but will increase the moisture content gradient and increase the drying rate. The danger of defects. Therefore, difficult-to-dry materials do not require a large medium circulation speed. The above three factors are external factors that can be controlled artificially. Properly controlled, the drying speed can be accelerated on the premise of ensuring the drying quality of the wood. For example, when drying coniferous wood or soft hardwood thin boards, because the moisture inside the wood is easy to move, you can appropriately increase the dry bulb temperature, reduce the humidity of the medium, and increase the air circulation flow rate to speed up the drying speed; but dry mahogany wood or thick boards It is advisable to use lower temperature, higher humidity and lower air circulation speed to avoid drying defects. 2. Intrinsic factors 1. Wood species and structural characteristics. Wood of different species has different structures. The size and quantity of its pores, as well as the size of the micropores on the pore membrane, are very different. Therefore, the water moves along the above path. The degree of difficulty is different, that is, the wood species is the main internal factor that affects the drying speed. Because ring-hole hard broad-leaved trees (such as rosewood) have more fillings in conduits and pits, and the diameter of the micropores on the pit membrane is small, the drying speed is significantly lower than that of diffuse-porous broad-leaved trees; in the same tree species, the density increases , The water flow resistance in the large capillary tube increases, and the water diffusion path in the cell wall is extended, making it difficult to dry. Related reading: Demystifying the manufacturing process of solid wood furniture factory 2. Wood thickness The conventional drying process of wood can be roughly regarded as a one-dimensional heat and mass transfer process along the thickness direction of the wood. The thickness increases, the heat and mass transfer distance becomes longer, the resistance increases, and the drying The speed has dropped significantly. 3. Wood moisture content below the fiber saturation point, as the moisture content decreases, the lateral diffusion coefficient of absorbed water decreases, while the diffusion coefficient of water vapor in the cell cavity increases, because water vapor in the cell cavity during the drying process The proportion of medium diffusion is not large, the lower the water content, the longer the water diffusion path, so the lower the water content, the more difficult it is to dry. 4. Wood heartwood and sapwood broad-leaved trees have more heartwood cells, and most of the pores in the heartwood of conifers are occluded, so the heartwood is more difficult to dry than the sapwood. 5. Wood grain direction wood rays are conducive to water conduction, and the water conduction along the radial direction of the wood is about 15%-20% larger than that along the chord direction. Therefore, the drying speed of string cutting boards is usually faster than that of radial cutting boards. Although the internal factors cannot be controlled, as long as the drying equipment and technology are used reasonably according to the characteristics of the wood, the drying speed can also be increased, which can reduce unnecessary losses and improve the drying effect while maintaining the properties of the wood.
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