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Dry wood, is 'natural' the best?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-28
'Natural is the best.' In modern society, this has almost become a consensus among people. The reason is well known: modern technology is used in various fields, and almost all products are linked to technology. As a result, natural things are becoming scarcer and scarce, and people are beginning to miss the 'natural gas' that was everywhere. good time. Technological methods have also been applied to the drying of furniture wood or other outdoor construction woods. Nowadays, it is very common for wood to be dried manually. Some people are skeptical about the quality of artificially dried wood, worrying that it will crack after the production of furniture and construction. , It is believed that natural drying should be the mainstay. Is there any reason for their concerns? The main form of natural drying is atmospheric drying. Since ancient times, the first drying method used by mankind is atmospheric drying. After a tree is cut down, it is in a natural dry state, and the water in the tree slowly evaporates into the air until the water content is basically balanced with the water in the air. Especially for some mahogany, people will directly leave it in place for several years or even decades after it is cut down. Slow drying. Only dried wood is suitable for making furniture, otherwise the finished furniture will easily crack. Related reading: The common types of solid wood furniture wood are obviously, the advantages of this natural drying method are obvious, such as energy saving, low investment, simple technology, and convenient operation. Leave. But the shortcomings are also obvious. For example, the time is relatively long and the drying conditions are not easy to control. Especially today, when the requirements for wood drying are getting higher and higher, it is difficult to dry the moisture content in the wood to the value required by people, and the drying is accurate. Not enough sex. Although artificial drying has some shortcomings, it just makes up for those shortcomings of natural drying. It can dry wood of any tree species and thickness to any state required, and the artificially dried wood that is operated according to the standard is not easy to crack. It can be seen that natural is not necessarily the best. The key is to treat it dialectically and choose according to needs.
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