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Don't be fooled by cheap mahogany furniture!

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-10
Mahogany furniture has a smooth and shiny appearance, elegant shape, and exquisite carvings. It is a furniture that has always been sought after by consumers. However, in recent years, some phenomena have appeared in the mahogany market. In order to reap many of these benefits, some unscrupulous merchants have attracted consumers to buy at a low price, but they have asked consumers to buy a fake mahogany at the same price. Furniture goes home. This kind of behavior is really shameful! Let us explore the reasons for low-priced mahogany furniture together. Cut corners mahogany furniture is strong, beautiful and durable. These characteristics are closely related to the nature of mahogany. The mahogany is hard and has beautiful texture, but it grows slowly, and the growth period is more than hundreds of years. In addition, it has been cut in a large amount. Many woods are on the verge of extinction and become rare and precious. The price of mahogany is also very high. Therefore, if you see low-priced mahogany furniture on the market, you must pay special attention, because some unscrupulous businesses will cut corners in order to save costs. The mahogany furniture merchants who make part of the 'real' materials are playing a marginal ball on the wood in order to save costs. They use the red rosewood density, texture and oiliness similar to Southeast Asia's 'flower branchesAt the same time, the 'Ketan' from Côte d'Ivoire, which is close to the red sandalwood in color and pattern, was used as a red sandalwood keeper. The furniture made by combining the materials that cannot be placed on the table top and the real materials cannot become mahogany furniture. Excessive 'wood' is sufficient mahogany wood includes two parts: 'white bark' and 'core material'. 'White bark' is the white part of wood, that is, the sapwood of mahogany. It mainly transports nutrients to trees. Compared with the core material, it not only has low density and low stress resistance, but is also rich in nutrients and is easily eaten by insects. It is usually the discarded part when making furniture. Using bad wood as real wood is very annoying. If you buy low-priced mahogany furniture, you must find an expert to look at it. Otherwise, after a few years, you will find that the mahogany furniture you bought has been rotted by bugs, shortening its service life, and there is no regret. use. Of course, when buying, you should also pay attention to the details of mahogany furniture. Tenon and tenon tight structure Tenon and tenon are the soul of mahogany furniture and the quintessence of traditional Chinese wooden craftsmanship. Scientifically consider the thickness and tightness of the tenon and tenon joints and the rationality of the mechanical balance, use clever ideas, and use the exquisite and accurate tenon and tenon joint structure to connect the various parts of the furniture tightly, making it more natural and durable. However, these low-priced mahogany furniture do not follow the traditional production process in the production. They use machines to work in a stream. The furniture links have tenon and tenon from the outer surface. In fact, they are machined and then sealed with chemical glue. There is no traditional, tight-fitting mortise and tenon structure at all. Such furniture cannot stand the test of time. Generally, the glue will loosen after three to five years when the glue fails, and accidents of falling apart or even collapsing will inevitably occur and become a hidden danger in life. Suggestion: When buying mahogany furniture, you can carefully observe whether the tenon and tenon structure on it is loose. Extended reading: The soul of traditional Chinese mahogany furniture-the mortise and tenon structure 'lacquer' deceives the public to produce lacquer, which is a plant paint extracted from the lacquer tree. Because the extraction process is cumbersome, the price is very high on the market. Then, the furniture is painted by hand-painting technique, so that the furniture is evenly and delicately colored, and the light seems to radiate from the inside out. The bright and delicate appearance of mahogany furniture is closely related to the lacquer and lacquering process of the furniture. In order to ensure the safety of the furniture materials and ensure that the appearance of the furniture is full and bright, the traditional lacquer process is usually used when painting. The raw lacquer process is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and low-priced 'mahogany furniture' merchants who pursue great benefits in order to reduce costs will naturally not adopt it. Use cheap chemical paint instead of traditional raw lacquer, and then use machines to quickly paint and speed up productivity. Chemical paint is mixed with harmful substances such as formaldehyde, improper use will seriously endanger human health, and the paint on the machine is naturally not as meticulous as the craftsman's handwork, causing the surface of the furniture to be colored and stiff, which seriously affects the appearance of the furniture. If you find that there is a problem with the coloring of the mahogany furniture on the spot, you should be careful! Suggestion: If you are buying mahogany furniture, pay more attention to the shape of the surface coloring. Rigid carving At present, the carving methods of mahogany furniture are divided into two types: machine carving and hand carving. Machine engraving is only suitable for relief and openwork with limited precision. The hand-carving is processed on the basis of machine carving. The 'mahogany furniture' merchants who pay attention to efficiency and ignore the essence simply skip the hand-carving link and use machines to carve on the furniture. The furniture carving part lacks the flexibility and liveliness it should have. It has become uniform and rigid, and the appearance of the furniture is greatly compromised. Suggestion: Observe more whether the carvings on the mahogany furniture look smooth. Of course, if you are not assured, you can also bring an experienced family member to help you buy it. If you find that the carving technique is very poor when buying mahogany furniture, you should understand the reason. After reading these, you should have a certain understanding of real and fake mahogany furniture. Please remember: Good goods are not cheap, and cheap ones are definitely not good ones!
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