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Does the panel furniture have better quality than solid wood furniture?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-24
In terms of buying furniture, the most tangled selection of materials and furniture brands is. Many people are entangled and wandered between buying solid wood furniture and panel furniture. Maybe someone tells you that solid wood furniture is good. Solid wood furniture is environmentally friendly, natural and high in value preservation. Maybe someone else tells you that panel furniture is good. Panel furniture is fashionable, economical, easy to assemble, and easy to match. Public speaking is public and reasonable, and mother-in-law said mother-in-law is reasonable. Many people are inclined to characters, solid wood furniture is better than panel furniture. Is this actually the case? Is solid wood furniture superior to panel furniture? Many people say that solid wood furniture is a symbol of taste, and taste and style are indeed applicable to people with experience and years of accumulation. But for young people who are catching up with the trend, it may not be useful. Turnip greens, all have love. Styles and styles belong to the category of design. When designing and positioning the furniture of each brand, it will be analyzed for different groups of people and different audiences. Therefore, the solid wood furniture that is suitable for you may not be suitable for him (her). In addition, there is a problem of matching with the overall home decoration when buying furniture. Home decoration must be harmonious and beautiful in order to enjoy the body and mind. Therefore, some people prefer the dignified model of solid wood, and some people prefer the modern style and trendy fashion of panel style. Regardless of their preference, the most important thing is to suit them. Solid wood furniture is more environmentally friendly than panel furniture? Most people think that solid wood furniture must be very environmentally friendly because it is made of wood. The panel furniture must not be environmentally friendly, because it is made of panels with a lot of glue inside. In fact, this view is not objective enough. First of all, solid wood furniture is indeed made of wood, but the production of wood is also very particular. If the whole body of the furniture is made of a whole piece of wood (as is the case for many mahogany furniture), and no toothed wood is used at all, then the value is not in doubt. However, it is understood that at least 50% of the brands that claim to be solid wood furniture on the market will use tooth joints and miscellaneous wood as auxiliary materials for furniture, so synthetic glue will also be used in the connection of wood panels. Secondly, if it is painted solid wood furniture, paint will also increase the burden of formaldehyde on the furniture. Many small brands will use some unknown wood lacquer, causing the pungent smell of solid wood furniture. If you have visited a store, you will be familiar with the formaldehyde smell in some regional exhibition halls. However, panel furniture has left the impression that it is not environmentally friendly for a long time. In fact, it depends on the specific situation. Some panel homes with inferior workmanship do have such hidden dangers. The edge banding is easy to fall off and the panels are not delicate enough. As a result, the inner panels are exposed for a short time, and the formaldehyde inside will be volatilized. But as far as we know, there are also many high-quality panel furniture that are guaranteed. The furniture is still intact after many years of use. Therefore, the edge banding is tight enough, the finish is professional enough, and the formaldehyde emission of paint-free panel furniture will not exceed the health standard. In particular, the formaldehyde standards of many boards are up to the standard and will not affect human health. Is solid wood furniture more valuable than panel furniture? When you buy solid wood furniture, perhaps a shopping guide will tell you that the more you use solid wood furniture, the better it looks, and it will be no problem to pass on for generations, because it has value preservation. When the panel furniture is worn out, it can only be thrown away, and there is no room for value preservation. We tell you that this kind of statement also needs to be studied. If it is furniture made of very valuable wood, the value preservation space is very considerable (such as mahogany, but it is too expensive for ordinary people to afford). There are also some woods such as walnut, oak, and elm, the most important of which is 100% pure wood, which has a relatively high value. For example, some 'solid wood furniture' made of unnamed hardwoods spliced u200bu200band spliced u200bu200bhas a value to be considered, and it is difficult to guarantee that it will not be old or broken. The biggest advantage of panel furniture is the price. It is economical and suitable for the civilian class. Although there is no such thing as value preservation, some high-quality furniture can be used for ten or twenty years. There are also good and bad products. Related reading: Lin Zuoxin: Call on everyone not to use solid wood furniture
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