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Do you really appreciate mahogany furniture?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-30
Mahogany furniture has attracted more and more people's attention and love for its practicality, artistry, value-added (value preservation), inheritance and environmental protection characteristics. If you also want to buy collectible mahogany furniture, you must first learn to appreciate it. Appreciation of materials mahogany does not refer to a specific kind of wood, but generally refers to some purple-red color, woody and hard wood. According to national standards, 'Redwood' is divided into two families, five genera, eight categories, and thirty-three. Mahogany refers to the heartwood of these five genera and eight types of wood, that is, the center of the tree and the part without living cells. Other than that, furniture made of wood cannot be called mahogany furniture. Today's mahogany is mostly produced in Southeast Asia and Africa, and cultivated and introduced in Guangdong and Yunnan of my country. As can be seen from the following mahogany classification diagram, the species of red sandalwood and fragrant wood are the least, and there is only one type respectively: sandalwood red sandalwood (commonly known as Indian red sandalwood) and Dalbergia odorifera (commonly known as Hainan Huang Huali), coupled with the very small existing stock of these two types of wood, it also determines their high value. Sandalwood red sandalwood: Sandalwood means donation in Sanskrit. It is also called holy sandalwood because of its hard wood, eternal fragrance, colorful and changeable color, and non-invasion of poisons, immortality, and protection from evil spirits. Sandalwood Pterocarpus is the scientific name of Pterocarpus striata, also known as Pterocarpus japonicus. It is only produced in India, mainly in Mysore. It is also the highest grade among red sandalwood. Indians generally have darker skin, but they are not pure blacks with lustrous lustre in the dark, but red with purple in it, and it looks black at the eye. The same is true for Pterocarpus striata, which is not black in itself. We can use 'red hair and purple' to describe the beautiful appearance of Pterocarpus striata. Today, we can also verify this from her 'red sandalwood' name. As the saying goes, ten sandalwood and nine voids, the largest red sandalwood has a diameter of only about 20 centimeters, and its preciousness can be imagined. Another characteristic of Red Sandalwood is that it is very dense and hard. After long exposure to the air, the heartwood will be bright red or orange-red, and the stripes will become purple-red-brown. The texture is slender and appears to be floating. aromatic. The growth rate of red sandalwood is slow. It takes only 5 years to turn into a wood, and it takes more than 800 years to become a wood. Its hardness is the first among woods. Dalbergia odorifera: Dalbergia odorifera belongs to the tropical tree plant of Dalbergia sylvestris, also known as Hainan huanghuali, alias: Dalbergia odorifera, rosewood, rosewood, odorifera, is the main material for hardwood furniture in the Ming and Qing Dynasties The heartwood is yellowish-brown. It is known as 'the giant panda in the plantHainan Huanghuali is a household name with many good reputations, and its popularity and reputation will last forever. The elegant wood furniture in the Ming and Qing Dynasties were all made of huanghuali. Its texture may be hidden or appear, and the color is not quiet and noisy. The tribe’s aesthetic appeal to furniture made the Huanghuali furniture of this period outstanding. It is impeccable from the perspective of artistic aesthetics and artificiality, and can be called a treasure in the world of furniture art. Extended reading: A large collection of mahogany furniture and lumber There are three main points in the appreciation of mahogany furniture appearance: First, the craftsmanship. First of all, we must see whether the various components are defective, especially some components that are difficult to grasp during production, such as the back panel, the brain, the joint stick, the knife and the tooth board, etc. , This requires a certain understanding of the characteristics of each component. Look at whether its tenon-and-mortise structure is tight, and whether the transfer of various components is seamless. It also depends on whether its carvings are clean and neat, and whether the lines are clear and smooth. In addition, it depends on whether the collocation is reasonable. The wood grain is harmonious and has certain changes. If the wood grain has a large contrast and looks patchy, the collocation is unreasonable. Lacquer effect is also an important aspect of skill evaluation. The paint surface must be uniform in thickness and there is no paint left at the seams. Afterwards, the paint surface will be polished and there will be no particles adhered to the paint surface. The second is whether the content of the work has new ideas, and the small pieces of mahogany with good appearance must have new ideas. The so-called new ideas mean that the work must have innovations and changes. In the inheritance of the mahogany furniture culture, it is necessary not only to inherit the tradition, but also to avoid following the old fashioned and to have new ideas, reflecting the characteristics of contemporary culture. The third is the charm of the work. Exquisite mahogany carvings must have charm. The so-called charm of a work must not only be tangible, but also have spirit. As an important carrier for inheriting Chinese culture, mahogany furniture inherits classical culture from elements and culture. Good mahogany furniture pays attention to euphemism, subtlety, simplicity and purity, and pursues beautiful, bright, and fresh shapes and lines. The outline has a circle in the square and a square in the circle. The overall line is made in one go. The craftsmanship requires appropriate twists and turns in the subtleties to achieve the charm. The above is between reality and existence, leaving a vast space for reverie, full of indifferent and ethereal Zen.
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