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Do you know the craftsmanship of these furniture?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-09
Furniture made by traditional craftsmanship is highly artistic and ornamental. Furniture made of pure solid wood and hand-carved can only highlight the unique charm and extraordinary value of craft furniture. The exquisite handmade production gives the furniture eternal artistic vitality. 1. Gold foil In China, gold foil is a traditional handicraft of the Chinese nation. It originated in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, matured in the Southern Dynasty, and was popular in Song, Qi, Liang and Chen. Nanjing is the birthplace of Chinese gold foil. Nanjing gold foil has a history of nearly 1700 years. . Pasting gold leaf is a traditional craft in my country. In the past, nobles and royal families liked to use gold and jade as their decoration in order to show their noble status. In ancient China, there were many skilled craftsmen. The processing and application of silver craftsmanship have to keep improving, and the exquisite and luxurious gold-leafing crafts and gold-leaf furniture were born in such a historical background and cultural atmosphere. The use of gold foil is very wide, involving various fields such as Buddhism, classical gardens, high-level architecture, medicine and health care, and cultural undertakings. Among them, the most extensive uses of gold foil are the gilding of Buddha statues, the gilding of carved beams, the plaques and couplets, and the gilding for decoration. It is not uncommon to use gold leaf furniture in large areas, but the gold leaf method of modern gold leaf furniture is mainly used in the partial decoration of the furniture, and the exquisite and meticulous aesthetics is the finishing touch to the whole furniture. China's exquisite lacquer art with a long history is still being sought after. The French style 'Rose of Versailles' uses traditional lacquer techniques such as gold foil stickers and black gold paint on a large area. The luxurious and bright artistic effect reproduces the peerless style of antique furniture; while the British style 'English Classics' presents the gold lacquer on the black background. The craftsmanship is perfect, and it is inspired by the Chinese trend that swept Europe in the 18th century, and demonstrates the British cultural characteristics of inclusiveness. Furniture gold foil process. Solid wood furniture gold has been used since ancient times. This way of showing luxury has been used by people today, but the current gold foil process is very different from the original. Let’s take a look at solid wood furniture. Steps to deposit gold. 1. The gilding of modern solid wood furniture must first use sandpaper to polish wood, wood glue, and plywood to remove all thin wood strips or protruding mud to fill all holes or defects. 2. Prepare the plaster glue and apply it to the frame with a brush. After a few hours, the plaster surface was polished again with sandpaper and covered with colored varnish. The color of the first layer of varnish can be used for brighter gold foil according to the effect you want, earth color for classical effect, white and gray for silver foil. 3. In the subsequent stage, the varnish layer applied on the product as a base can replace the plaster layer. Catalytic 0% catalyst and 10-20% polyurethane diluted diluent can be sprayed with a spray gun. According to the effect, it can be different colors. After the coating process is over, let the wood dry for about two hours. When the preparation process is completed, any flaws or drips of the plaster or varnish should be polished. 4. The woodware is ready for gluing. We use white water-soluble gold-sticking glue. Use a brush to paint on the part to be gilded. Be careful not to drip. After the glue is applied, the stickiness can be maintained for half an hour to twelve hours, and the gold can be applied after one hour. 5. In order not to lose its viscosity, do not work in a dusty environment. And protect the treated surface. As soon as the glue dries, it starts to stick gold. According to the area to be covered, lightly pick up the gold foil, carefully place it on the frame and use a special to ensure that the coverage of the gold foil is slightly larger than the surface of the frame. The corners, curves, twists and other parts are attached with gold leaf later. Excess raw materials should be wiped off with a soft wool brush. In this way, the gold foil can be properly fixed to the woodware. 2. Mosaic As Western royals and aristocrats pursued luxury and enjoyment and celebrities were keen to compare and ostentatious in the 16-17th century, they provided unprecedented opportunities for the development of interior decoration art. At this time, decorative art no longer means only 'artIn order to win the favor and orders of the upper class, the artists tried their best and the craftsmen worked with great ingenuity, and 'boole craftsmanshipA large number of new techniques, such as 'ivory inlayIn this series of crafts, 'Mosaic mosaic' is one of the most widely used and longest-spreading important crafts. The use of parquet: 1, parquet floor. A kind of veneer splicing of different colors and tree species, concrete or abstract patterns presented on the wood, and highly decorative parquet flooring has become the mainstream of the wooden floor market, relying on changing and colorful colors, finely crafted craftsmanship, and personality The fashionable design quietly changes the dull and indifferent impression that the floor once left on people. On the popular T stage, it blooms with a brand-new attitude-the parquet floor. 2. Mosaic doors. Mosaic doors are also called flat doors, plywood doors, and painted doors.
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