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Do you know how to make antique furniture?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-10
It is not easy to make imitating antique furniture. The imitation of superb craftsmanship will definitely have historical value, and there will also be furniture brands imitated by famous teachers and craftsmen. We resolutely oppose fraud, and especially oppose using shoddy products to let people be deceived. But the real imitation of antique furniture, high-end antique furniture imitation, we should still master. The imitation of traditional antique furniture mainly refers to Ming-style antique furniture and Qing-style antique furniture. Modern traditional style furniture. Ming-style antique furniture imitation requires Ming-style antique furniture, which is an imitation of the furniture style called Dai (1368-1644). It is mostly made of wood with hard texture, small variability, fine texture, soft and full color. Processing technology, the use of structural modeling materials. The color finishing should conform to the concise and generous, practical and beautiful style. 1. Ming-style imitation painting furniture pays attention to uniform materials, and most of the furniture is made of a high-quality wood. The texture should be soft and smooth, and the panel and panel should be small and well-proportioned-the wood of the panel is wider, and the rubber material should be of good quality. The slotted seams are tight and tight. 2. The structure combination and shape ratio of Ming-style antique furniture should meet the requirements, the sheath should be tight and not loose, and the ratio should be moderate, solid and durable. 3. The color of Ming-style antique furniture should choose the natural color of wood, commonly known as 'wood lacquer'. In short, Ming-style antique furniture uses uniform materials, simple lines, and the craftsmanship has an artistic sense of rigidity and softness. In general, several furniture such as furniture, tables, chairs, boxes and boxes are made. Related reading: The Golden Mean of Chinese Antique Furniture The imitation of Qing-style antique furniture requires that the Qing Dynasty antique furniture is imitated the furniture style of the Qing Dynasty (AD L644-1911). Follow the selection of ingredients, structural modeling, production procedures, carving techniques, auspicious content and colorful artistic style. 1. Qing-style antique furniture should also pay attention to ingredients, and the material combination should be reasonable. The formula is: hard shield good material surface leg frame, uniform quality cork panel installation. Carved soft and hard wood match, the wood is fine and uniform in color. 2. The structure ratio of Qing-style antique furniture should meet the requirements. Its mouth must be: the scale and proportion should be moderate, and the sheath should be tight and not loose. The relief should be natural, lively and evenly interspersed with knives. 3. Qing-style antique furniture uses reasonable and changeable materials, and Na Jixiangrui's folk custom decoration themes are very rich and structured. Re-carved. The color of the furniture is maroon, black, and woody. The decoration of Qing-style antique furniture, as well as inlay and gold tracing techniques, also constitute a major feature. The inlay craftsmanship is exquisite, including snail inlays, lang inlays, bone inlays, glass inlays, ivory inlays, marble inlays, etc. The gold is also divided into golden camel (red) and silver camel (yellow). Qing style antique furniture can be made into various forms of furniture, especially carved furniture.
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