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Do you know all these mahogany furniture structural parts?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-08
Many furniture structural parts are familiar to you, but you don't know that they actually have their own names. Knowing traditional furniture structural parts is the basis for understanding and even collecting mahogany furniture. We will find that the traditional furniture developed from the farming society is more and more decorative on the basis of practicality. Among them, the square table is the most common among the handed down furniture, and there are large, medium and small differences. 'Xian' and 'Four Immortals'. So let's start with this 'one-legged three-jaw Luo Guoxi' square table. 1. One-legged Sanya Luoguozi and Kazi Flower Square Table Square table is the most common in the handed down furniture. There are big, medium and small, commonly known as 'Eight ImmortalsThis 'one-legged three yaluo Guoxi' square table was the most standard form of square table in Ming dynasty furniture. It was named because each leg intersects with three 'yazi' and 'Luo Guoxi' underneath it. 2. Wing chair Wing chair was called by Beijing craftsmen in the Qing Dynasty, and it was called 'round chair' in the Ming Dynasty. Its back and armrests descend smoothly, soft and beautiful. And when sitting and reclining, not only the elbows can be leaned, but the tuck is also supported, which is very comfortable. 3. The waistless Luoguozi square stool with short old tube feet In the waistless square stool, the straight foot straight stool is its basic form. The short posts used on the stilts and stools are called 'short and oldThe dome shaped like an arch back is called 'Luo Guo Xi'. The rods installed between the legs and feet are called 'pipe feet'. 4. Rounded-corner cabinets. The top of the rounded-corner cabinet has three sides sprayed out, called 'cabinet caps.' A shaft switch on the door; this cabinet-like shape is tall and straight, with prominent side legs. Extended reading: Classical furniture molding: the neglected 'beauty' 5. The size of the chuck and tenon drawing plan is larger than the half table, and the difference from the long table is that it has a wider surface. This kind of chuck and tenon painting case is a typical shape of painting cases in Ming-style furniture. 6. The three-legged round incense and several incense are named after the function of supporting the incense burner, of which the round is more than the square. Xiangji is generally placed in the center and should be viewed on all sides, so its legs and feet are generally curved and exaggerated, and the posture changes are more abundant. 7. The origin of the name of the rose chair has not been verified. Southerners call it 'Writing ChairThe rose chair is light and light, and the backrest does not block the line of sight, but its 'brain' is right on the back of the person, so it is suitable for sitting and writing rather than sitting and resting. 8. The four-opened pier is also called 'embroidered pierThe embroidered pier has absorbed the characteristics of the ancient flower drum and has kept its basic style unchanged: it is in the shape of a drum, with small ends and slightly larger middle. In many styles, a 'string pattern' is made on the upper and lower ends, and the nail caps symbolizing drum nails are carved. The surrounding walls of the cavity may be plain or decorated with various patterns, which are simple and beautiful.
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