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Do mahogany furniture need to be painted?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-30
There are many opinions about whether mahogany furniture is painted or not. Some people think that mahogany furniture looks more colorful after being painted; some people think that painted mahogany furniture may be toxic, harmful to human health, and not environmentally friendly at all. ; But some people think that it is better not to paint mahogany furniture, it is better to keep the original color and original taste of the wood. Does the mahogany furniture need to be painted? Does the painted mahogany furniture really endanger people's health? What is the situation if the mahogany furniture is not painted? As a traditional handicraft, lacquering has a long history in our country History can be called the “quintessence of the country”. As a typical successor of traditional Chinese furniture craftsmanship, mahogany furniture naturally inherits the classic traditional craftsmanship of lacquering. The main raw material is surface treated by manual methods such as repeated polishing and painting, so that the mahogany furniture has a clear, smooth, and transparent color and a comfortable feel. Raw lacquer is a kind of high-quality paint and has the reputation of 'national lacquerVery good, greatly extending the life of mahogany furniture, increasing the appreciation space of mahogany furniture, and enhancing its artistic appreciation value. Unpainted mahogany furniture is more natural and environmentally friendly. Due to the naturalness and environmental protection of the wood of mahogany furniture, some consumers like to buy unpainted mahogany furniture. Because the unpainted mahogany furniture will emit the aroma of wood with time and climate changes, especially the two rare woods of small leaf red sandalwood and huanghuali, the wood aroma emitted is very good for the human body and has a certain health care. Function. It is also reported that the climate in the north is relatively dry, and many mahogany furniture are not painted when they are made, and only a layer of wax is applied to the surface of the furniture. After this kind of mahogany furniture after hot wax, after long-term repeated rubbing in the future use process, the wax on the surface will penetrate into the wood, oxidize, and produce sizing. The surface of the furniture that has formed a patina cannot be scalded by boiling water, nor can it be stained with highly soluble liquids, such as gasoline, etc., otherwise the patina will be damaged. Extended reading: How to buy most of the mahogany furniture in the mahogany sofa market is lacquered. At present, the mahogany furniture sold in various home stores are basically lacquered. The mahogany furniture chooses to be sold for a beautiful issue. After the mahogany furniture is painted, the whole furniture looks very full and shiny, which is in line with the aesthetic vision of the current public. In addition, the mahogany furniture plays a protective effect on the furniture after being painted. In the south, because the climate is relatively humid, in order to prevent moisture, the surface of many furniture is basically wiped with a thin layer of lacquer. For example, the mahogany furniture made in Suzhou is characterized by a layer of lacquer on the inside and outside, so that the mahogany furniture is protected inside and out. In addition to Suzhou, the mahogany furniture made in Guangdong is also painted with a layer of lacquer, so the mahogany furniture made in Guangdong is not only luxurious, but also very soft in color and not perishable.
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