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Distinguish two kinds of wood that are easy to pretend to be wenge

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-10
Wenge wood is famous for its distinctive and unique texture, and has always been loved by scholars and consumers. Wenge wood is a type of mahogany with chicken wings ('V'-shaped) patterns on the string section of the wood heartwood. Wenge is easy to distinguish from other mahogany species, but the actual market is mixed with good and bad, and the authenticity is difficult to distinguish. The ancient furniture is known as old wenge wood, new wenge wood, and acacia wood. Mahogany furniture is divided into Burmese wenge wood and African wenge wood. There are other tree species that pretend to be wenge wood on the market. First briefly introduce the two more common wood that pretends to be wenge wood: 1. Diplotropis purpurea belongs to the genus Diplotropis purpurea of u200bu200bthe butterfly flower family, diffuse porous wood, heartwood chestnut brown or chocolate color: axial thin The wall tissue is mainly wing-shaped and poly-wing-shaped; no wave marks are seen; wood rays are non-stacked, neatly arranged locally, mostly 2-3 rows of rays, 6-16 cells high; ray tissue is abnormal in 2 rows and 3 rows; air dry density is 0.93 g/cm 3. Wood has a lot of parenchyma, accounting for almost half of the cross-section. It forms a parabolic shape with wood fibers on the wood string surface. Clear chicken wing patterns can often be seen on the board. Therefore, it is also called 'black chicken wings' on the market. '. The main difference with the chicken wing wood: the axial parenchyma of the purple Shuanglongbandou is mainly wing-shaped and polywing-shaped, while the chicken wing has a wide band-shaped parenchyma; the purple Shuanglongbandou has type 2 and type 3 ray tissue, and the chicken wing is the same shape. Extended reading: Key points for purchasing chicken wing wood furniture 2. Terminalia tomentosa. Maolanren, belonging to the genus Laminaria of the Junciaceae; distributed in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and other places; diffuse porous wood; the color of the wood heartwood varies greatly, from light brown to chocolate brown, often with dark stripes; no obvious smell; The tube hole is slightly obvious. The parenchyma contains rich white crystals, mainly ring-shaped wavy band; no wave marks are seen; wood rays are not stacked, and the ray tissue is in the same shape and single row; the rays are rich in red gum and crystals; air stem The density is 0.870 g/cm 3. Someone in the market once called this wood 'Jin Lan Mu'. The darker color pretends to be black rosewood, and the lighter color pretends to be chicken wing wood, which is called 'Vietnamese chicken wing wood'. It is sold in Dongxing and Pingxiang markets. It can be seen everywhere. The main difference from chicken wing wood is that there is almost no chicken wing pattern, the parenchyma is rich in white crystals, and the ray organization is in the same shape and single row.
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