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Distinguish the true and false of the 'pack pulp' of mahogany furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-31
Padding is a key factor in judging the value of mahogany furniture. Waxed mahogany furniture is played, wiped, and frequently used to form patina. This patina is formed naturally, and is usually in the place where the user's hand is often touched. , There will be a naturally formed patina. Has a high collection value. However, some unscrupulous merchants make fake patinas for mahogany furniture. In order to make patinas, some counterfeiters often use lacquer and wax colors to make fakes, and even wipe them vigorously with shoe polish. In order to deceive consumers to obtain high profits, it is reminded that consumers must be cautious and distinguish carefully when buying old furniture. How is the fake patina made? In order to make a patina, various counterfeiting methods have emerged one after another. Some specifically let workers touch and wipe the surface of the furniture to make it form a patina as soon as possible. However, this patina is not naturally formed after all. Pulp is generally unnatural, and some manufacturers have accidentally formed a 'padding' in the place where the furniture is not often touched, and the new patina has a sticky feeling and a strange smell. , It is not as warm and smooth as the naturally formed patina. The most common method of counterfeiting is to carry out special processing of newly made antique furniture to make it old and sell it as antique furniture. Counterfeiters use methods such as applying weak alkali or even applying hair dye on the surface of antique furniture to achieve the purpose of darkening the color of new furniture. They use some physical and chemical methods to create the illusion of ageing corrosion, and even mix new materials with old materials. Piece together the furniture to achieve the purpose of confusing the true and the false. Extended reading: The sizing method is not the universal method for the identification of ancient furniture. The formation of natural sizing. In the furniture industry, the sizing method is also called 'skin'. After many years of climate, under the conditions of cold, hot and dry, the utensils are oxidized by air It forms a kind of skin that can be seen by the naked eye. In addition, for generations of long-term use and touch, this skin shell flashes a natural luster, and it is soft and has a feeling of no artificiality. Some high-grade woods, such as red sandalwood and huanghuali, are somewhat oily in nature, and over time, the oil leaks out, and the dust in the air and the sweat stains that people touch will melt into each other into a 'patinaIt didn't feel the slightest coldness, but a slippery feeling like jade. This kind of old furniture with patina is a good choice for collection, and the price is very high. Further reading: Can small pieces of mahogany be closed for maintenance? It may affect how the patina is true and false, and you can distinguish the true from the false by carefully observing and touching. The naturally formed patina is bright in color, as warm as jade, not cold at all, and is not greasy, smooth and natural, while the fake patina is No matter how high the work leave is, it is inevitable that there are omissions. It usually feels greasy or smells an unpleasant pungent smell. There is also a detail that everyone has to pay attention to. The patina usually appears in the seats where furniture is often used. Such as the armrest of a palace chair, if the patina appears on the backrest, it is undoubtedly a forgery.
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