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Distinguish between table, case, and table, don't buy the wrong one!

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-08
Table case furniture is the most diverse category of Chinese furniture. The development of table case can be said to be an interpretation of the process of Chinese culture. People often refer to tables, tables, and tables together. For example, in the Ming Dynasty Zhang Zilie’s 'Zhengzitong·Mubu, They are also very different in form and use. Table: High and upright, let's talk about the table first. Ancient tables are also written as 'ZhuoAccording to the form, there are square tables, long tables, round tables, half tables, etc. Tables of different shapes are arranged in a certain pattern in the room. The Eight Immortals Square Table or the Four Immortal Square Tables are more orthodox and should be set in the hall; round table users The status is not high, relatively random, and the location is tailored to local conditions; while the altar tables are mainly set up in temples and ancestral halls, and they are often used as ceremonies for sacrifices. According to the purpose, there are offering tables, wine tables, tea tables, kang tables, chess tables, piano tables, desks, and so on. Table furniture can achieve the dual effects of practicality and appreciation, and it is also common in ancient home furnishings. We can see from the ancient paintings of the Ming and Qing dynasties that they have a wide range of uses, both practical and tasteful. Extended reading: 8 ways to teach you to choose a comfortable dining table and chair case: the types of solemn and solemn cases include confession, book case, drawing case, etc. Unlike a table, there is an essential difference between a table and a table in form. Generally speaking, the position of the legs determines its name, and has nothing to do with height, size, or function. The position of the leg retracted by one piece is the case, and the position of the leg against the four corners is the table. In addition to the difference in form, the more important difference between the table and the case is the difference in spirit. The grade of the case is higher than that of the table, and it is more solemn and solemn in the home life. Because the table is more practical, it can be used everywhere; while the table is different, its function is single, and then the ornamentation of the furnishings is enhanced, so it has a relatively high status in people's hearts. Ji: Yiqing is elegant and interesting. People often refer to the Jihe case together. For example, the poet Qiu in the Tang Dynasty said in the poem 'The Hermit in the West Mountain Is Not Encountered': 'There are no child servants in the gate, and only the case in the house.' The cases are also different in form. Although the lengths are the same, they are mostly elongated. In terms of use, it is almost the furniture that people rely on when sitting in ancient times. The furniture is the furniture used by people when eating, reading and writing. The form of these furniture has a specific standard for a long time. With the continuous development of traditional culture in the future, several types of furniture have also changed. For example, the fragrance culture is to the incense table, and the tea culture is to the coffee table. These are full of the heavy culture of several types of furniture. In terms of development history, several types of furniture are the simplest and primitive, while table and table furniture are actually the development and evolution of several types of furniture in terms of shape and functionality. From the above introduction to tables, tables and tables, it is not difficult to see: tables are more common and are commonly used furniture in people’s lives. Tables are suitable for use in grand occasions, while tables are suitable for leisure. Adjust measures to local conditions according to different occasions.
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