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Dissecting the whole wardrobe, revealing the secrets of parts

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-14
Visible side panels: refers to the vertical panels visible on the outer frame of the cabinet. Side panel: refers to the vertical panel inside the cabinet. Side panel: refers to the vertical panel standing on the top and bottom or between the layers. Fixed shelf: refers to the horizontal fixed plate inside the cabinet. Movable shelf: refers to the horizontally adjustable panels inside the cabinet. Top and bottom plates: plates used to connect with side plates. Foot line: used to support the board at the bottom of the cabinet. Back panel: 9mm thick panels inserted between the side panels and the top and bottom panels. L frame: installed in the cabinet in an inverted 'L' shape, including 1 L frame side panel and 1 fixed layer board. Cover door: refers to the switchable parts used to cover the internal structure of the cabinet. The door panel is installed with door hinges. Generally, the material is the same as the cabinet body, and the four sides are sealed with thick edges. Or use a covering material to seal the frame, with louvers, decorative panels, leather or glass inserted in the middle. Fake door: a fixed non-movable door panel that is only used for decoration or closure. Retracting board: refers to the board used to fill the gap between the cabinet body and the wall during installation. Top sealing board: used for the top of the cabinet and the board for decoration or filling the gap between the ceilings, the board thickness is 18mm. Drawer: a component that can move horizontally along the depth of the cabinet. It consists of five parts: the side, the side, and the bottom. Checkered frame: It can put ties, underwear, pantyhose, etc. It consists of drawing surface, drawing side (with rounded corners), drawing back, drawing bottom, and 9mm grid. Pants rack: can be used to hang pants. It is composed of the pumped face, the pumped side (with rounded corners), the pumped back and the trousers. Fashion pumping: It consists of noodles and bottoms. The general structure of the overall wardrobe is like this. It seems that it is not just the cabinet body, but the overall wardrobe is also quite academic. Remind you that although there are many parts in the overall wardrobe, you must ensure that they are sophisticated in order to ensure the longevity and fashion of your wardrobe.
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