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Discoloration of wood? That's the ghost of the blue mutant!

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-29
Attentive friends may find that some furniture, floors or boards in the home have some color changes, which affects the overall appearance. What exactly is this? Why does wood change color? In academic terms, we collectively refer to the discoloration of wood sapwood as blue change, or green change. In addition to changing to blue, it also includes changes in other colors, such as black, pink, and green. 1. The characteristics of blue change It usually only occurs on the sapwood of wood, and blue change can occur in both coniferous wood and broad-leaved wood. Under suitable conditions, blue change occurs more often on the surface of sawn timber and the ends of logs. If the conditions are right, blue stain bacteria can penetrate from the surface of the wood into the interior of the wood, causing deep discoloration. Light-colored woods are more susceptible to blue stains, such as rubber wood, red pine, masson pine, willow, and maple. Blue stain does not affect the structure and strength of the wood, but the finished products made of blue stain wood have poor visual effects and are difficult to be accepted by customers. 2. The causes of blue change. After the trees were felled, they did not undergo timely and effective health treatments. Instead, the entire tree was placed directly on the damp soil, free of wind, rain, and microbial attack. When the moisture content of the wood is higher than 20%, the internal environment of the wood can be chemically changed, and the wood will appear light blue. Plain boards (white boards without anti-corrosion treatment and painting) are placed in a damp and unventilated environment for a long time, and symptoms of blue change may also occur. The content of starch and monosaccharides in rubber wood is much higher than that of other woods, which provides the energy needed for the growth of blue change bacteria. Therefore, rubber wood is more prone to blue stain than other woods. Related reading: Net exposure to hedgehog red sandalwood furniture fraud insider 3, the harm of blue stain Blue stained wood is more perishable. Usually, wood blue stains first, and then decay. Sometimes you may only see the obvious decay defects formed in the late blue transformation period. It can also be said that discoloration is a sign of decay. Discoloration increases the permeability of the wood. Due to the penetration of the blue stain fungus hyphae, many small holes are formed, which increases the permeability of the wood. After drying, the hygroscopicity of the blue-stained wood increases, and decay bacteria are easy to grow and multiply after absorbing moisture. Decrease the value of wood. Because of discoloration, the appearance of wood is unsightly. Users often refuse to accept this discolored wood or wood products, especially wood used in decorative wood, furniture and other areas where the appearance of wood is more important, or require Reduce prices, so in business, preventing wood discoloration is an important aspect of maintaining the value of wood products. 4. Prevention of blue stain After felling, logs should be processed as soon as possible, the sooner the better. The processed wood should be dried as soon as possible to reduce the moisture content of the wood to less than 20%. Treat the wood with anti-tarnishing agents in time.
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