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Different storage strategies for singles, couples and families of three

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-07
Whether you are single, a two-person world or a family of three, people and families of different living conditions have different characteristics and needs for the storage of wardrobes. Planning storage according to the structure and life needs of family members is also a homework. The following is to bring you different wardrobe storage suggestions from storage experts for people in different living conditions. The first state: single. This is also divided into two situations. State 1: Just enter the work position, there are fewer clothes, and only a simple wardrobe is needed. Storage suggestion: Because the wardrobe itself is relatively simple, it needs the help of internal storage accessories to facilitate future replacement. Simply put, it means 'be lazy or lazy'. Status 2: Long working years, more clothes, and changing clothes every day. Advice: At this time, try to establish a good sense of storage to lay a good foundation for entering married life in the future. You can number the clothes according to your own situation, or you can match the clothes you want to wear in a week in advance to save time. The second state: life in the sweet world of the two: married but no children to accept. Suggestion: place men's and women's clothes separately to effectively avoid the situation of mistaking and mixing. According to 'measurementThe public space above the wardrobe can store common quilts and other items. Extended reading: The third way to make the wardrobe exquisite and easy to use is the third type: a family of three. Living status: marriage with a child. Suggestion: to create a separate space for the storage of children's clothes. When the child grows up to the age that he can take the clothes on his own, you can create a space in the lower part of the wardrobe, where the child can easily reach with his hands, and set up storage accessories such as clothes hooks, storage baskets, and storage boxes. It is recommended to choose a clamshell storage box, which is convenient for children to get things. You can also write numbers on the storage box to tell your children the type of clothing that each number represents, such as 1 for hats, 2 for socks, etc., to stimulate children's interest in storage. Extended reading: Wardrobe storage skills that the hostess has to learn: Reminders: Cleaning up the good opportunities for the seasons is not just a matter of getting in and out. While arranging the newly purchased clothes, you must also learn to do subtraction. It is not possible to change the house in order to put a bigger wardrobe (unless you are a billionaire), so buy clothes in moderation and need to be cleaned regularly. When changing seasons, you can organize the clothes in the wardrobe, re-zoning the space, put some temporarily unnecessary clothes and quilts, and some old clothes that are not worn for a long time can be considered as donations or gifts. , Reserve enough space for the efficient storage of the wardrobe. A good storage plan can make your life more enjoyable, make your family life more satisfying, and make two people get along more harmoniously. With so many advantages, why not do it?
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