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Diamonds in wood-snake wood

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-29
Snake wood, also known as snake mulberry, is the wood of precious tree species of Piratinera in Moraceae, Moraceae. In the domestic timber market, snake wood mainly refers to the Guyanese snake mulberry (Piratinera guianensis) produced in Suriname and Guyana. This tree species is the world’s cherished and endangered protected plant and one of the most valuable woods in the world. Its quantity is very rare. Logging is extremely difficult and is mainly scattered in the primitive jungles near the Amazon River Basin in South America. In the international market, due to the scarcity of snake wood trees and the extremely low rate of heartwood that can be used as commercial wood (only about 10%), the price of snake wood is very expensive, and market transactions are usually priced by weight, so it is mainly used It is used in high-end decoration, high-end crafts, golf clubs, high-end walking sticks, high-end furniture, etc. The product names are Snakewood, letterwood, leopardwood, etc. Some professional timber websites in the United States and Europe cut this most precious wood into small pieces for sale, and the price is as high as $100 per kilogram. It is sold exclusively to companies that specialize in hand-made high-end crafts and musical instruments. . Due to its high density, hardness and unique pattern, snake wood has become the most suitable raw material for baroque bows in the world. Bows made of snake wood are sold at very high prices in the Italian, French, German and American musical instrument markets. A French Bass bow made of serpentine wood and silver inlays can cost up to 3,100 US dollars. In the United Kingdom, France, Japan, South Korea and other countries, walking sticks made of snake-grain wood are also luxury goods for the rich. Japanese and Koreans call snake-grain wood the “diamond in wood” and a snake decorated with ivory. The price of grain wooden walking sticks is as high as 1 million yen in Japan. Because the serpentine wood pole is straight and does not have the defects of 'ten sandalwood and nine emptySome domestic wood researchers and furniture factories have begun to use it to make high-end classical art furniture, and its main customers are furniture collectors at home and abroad. Furniture made of serpentine wood has a smooth sliced u200bu200bsurface and better gloss after painting. It is also very beautiful if it is polished and waxed directly without painting. Snake wood furniture is corrosion-resistant and insect-resistant. It is also a high-end handicraft with great potential for value preservation and appreciation. It will also be a treasure in the collection of classical furniture in the future. Introduction to the characteristics of snake wood wood: the difference between the heartwood and sapwood is obvious, the sapwood is wide, pale yellow and white, and the heartwood is dark reddish brown, and the formation is very slow. The diameter at breast height is 50cm, the heartwood is only under 18 cm, the diameter at breast height is 38 cm, and the heartwood is only 2.5-10 cm. The heartwood has irregular black spots and patterns, and the patterns are fickle, similar to snake patterns, hieroglyphs and English letters, so it has the reputation of snake wood, letter wood, oracle bone wood, which is very decorative. Its unique dark pattern part is formed by resin, with strong luster, fine structure, straight texture; diffuse porous material, the diameter of the catheter is thin, the parenchyma is tubular, and the wood rays are thin. The wood is very heavy and strong, with an air-dry density of 1.2-1.36g/cm3, which is one of the densest woods in the world.
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