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Diagram of Tenon and Tenon Structure

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-22
Tenon and tenon joint is a concave-convex connection method used on two wooden components. The protruding part is called the tenon (or tenon); the concave part is called the mortise (or mortise, tenon and groove), and the tenon and the mortise are occluded to play the role of connection. The combination of tenon and mortise is an ingenious combination of more and less, high and low, long and short between wooden pieces, which can effectively limit the twisting of wooden pieces in all directions. The tenon and tenon joint is an extremely delicate invention. This connection method of components makes traditional Chinese wooden furniture a special flexible structure that surpasses contemporary furniture. The clever use of this structure not only keeps the solid wood furniture hundreds of years old still intact , Which also makes Chinese furniture more unique and artistic. Extended reading: What are the specific tenon and tenon structures of the mahogany furniture 'ingenious workmanship'? I have collected 30 moving pictures for you to visually show you the process and principle of the tenon and tenon: raglan and tenon deformation and traditional hand-dumpling corners Tenon strip board Zong corner tenon square wood T-shaped combination (tenon joint big in and small out) square wood corner combined bed circumjacent joint 4D square furniture legs and feet combined with square support mud High waist shoulder tenon and tenon shoulder four-sided flat tenon cabinet bottom The thick plate comes out through the tenon and the tongue pats the head thick plate stuffy tenon angle combined with the arc-shaped straight cross and the cloud-less waistless leg wrap chuck and tenon (the upper end of the leg and foot is inlaid with the tooth strip With the tooth head) flat plate open tenon and tenon angle combined with three straight materials, cross fan-shaped raglan tenon, double tenon, zong angle tenon, digging pipe, pot tenon, dovetail nail tenon, one leg, three teeth square table structure, chair side wiping, and chair leg and foot structure. Xiangjizuan side grooved cylindrical T-shaped combined tenon cylindrical two-dimensional right-angled cross tenon and cloud-shaped raglan tenon (tooth strips and tooth heads are divided) thick plate with transparent tenon and tongue pat and straight material cross combination exquisite and superb tenon and tenon Structure is the essence of Chinese style furniture and the soul of Chinese style furniture. It is these perfect structures that do not reveal the mountains and dews that give us too much aftertaste, too much nostalgia and too much pride in our lives!
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