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Detailed knowledge of melamine board furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-23
Melamine board (melamineboard), referred to as melamine board, full name is melamine impregnated adhesive film paper veneer wood-based panel. The paper with different colors or textures is soaked in melamine resin adhesive, and then dried to a certain degree of curing. It is usually installed on particleboard, called melamine faced chipboard, abbreviated as MFC (melaminefacedchipboard). It can also be installed on the surface of moisture-proof board, medium-density fiberboard or hard fiberboard, and then heated to form a decorative board. In the production process, it is generally composed of several layers of paper, and the quantity depends on the purpose. Various colors of melamine board 'Melamine' is one of the resin adhesives used to make this kind of board. After the paper with different colors or textures is soaked in the resin, it is dried to a certain degree of curing, and then it is spread on the particle board, medium density The surface of the fiberboard or hard fiberboard is a decorative board formed by hot pressing. The standard name is melamine impregnated adhesive film paper veneer wood-based panel. The melamine board is actually a part of its veneer composition. The composition of melamine board is generally divided into surface paper, decorative paper, covering paper and bottom paper. The surface layer paper is placed on the top layer of the decorative board to protect the decorative paper, making the surface of the board highly transparent after heating and pressing, and the surface of the board is hard and wear-resistant. This paper requires good water absorption, white and clean, and transparent after dipping. Decorative paper, that is, wood grain paper, is an important part of the decorative board. It has a background color or no background color and is printed into various patterns. It is placed under the surface paper and mainly plays a decorative role. This layer requires paper Has good hiding power, impregnation and printing performance. Cover paper, also called titanium white paper, is generally placed underneath the decorative paper when manufacturing light-colored decorative boards to prevent the bottom phenolic resin from penetrating to the surface. Its main function is to cover the color spots on the surface of the substrate. Therefore, good coverage is required. The above three types of paper were impregnated with melamine resin. The bottom paper is the base material of the decorative board, which plays a role in the mechanical properties of the board. It is impregnated with phenolic resin glue and dried. During production, several layers can be determined according to the purpose or the thickness of the decorative board. Further reading: What are the materials of panel furniture? Melamine panels are not new products. The fancy name does not mean that the product is fresh. The director of the Beijing Municipal Wood Furniture Quality Supervision and Inspection Station said that this kind of board has been produced in China for a long time. It was originally used for office furniture such as computer desks. The factory's preferred manufacturing material has more surface colors and patterns. At present, the panel furniture on the market adopts imported and domestic panels.
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