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Detailed knowledge of folding chairs and recliners

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-05
Home life is to have a leisurely and contented atmosphere, so as to make the family feel more comfortable. At this time, a recliner in the house is perfect. You can lie on the recliner when you have a nap at noon; you can do housework when you are tired. Lie on it to rest, and after a day of work, you can lie down on a recliner to relax your tense mood after a day of work. In ancient Egyptian furniture, folding chairs are considered one of the most important furniture. The development of the folding chair began around 2000~1500 BC. The original folding chair was a special seat for military commanders on the battlefield, and it was also a symbol of power and prestige. Although time is constantly passing, folding chairs always carry a symbol of power. There are many other names for recliners, such as 'bedtime chairThe materials used in modern lounge chairs can be: mahogany, bamboo, rattan, aluminum alloy, Oxford cloth, canvas, Teslin cloth and so on. In China, DXRACER is a pioneer brand of reclining chairs, bringing the concept of ergonomics into the chair, and developing various peripheral accessories, which will provide users with the best office life experience. Types of folding chairs The folding methods are divided into two major categories: first, restricted folding, that is, folding achieved by mechanical means such as rotation; second, unlimited folding, that is, product folding is achieved by using the characteristics of the material itself. 1. Beach chair lounge chair is suitable for home, hospital accompany, lunch break, fishing, travel, foldable camp bed, easy to carry, the design of the backrest can be adjusted, more comfortable and more reasonable 2. Folding chair for home use is light and stackable The seat is convenient to move and save space. The seat panel and the back panel are generally made of virgin PP plastic in one-piece injection molding; the chair frame and chair legs are made of electrostatic silver powder sprayed square steel pipes, which are stronger and more durable than round steel pipes; the bottom of the general chair frame is similar to Foot pads will be added to the ground contact position to prevent slippage and prevent scratches on the floor. Use occasions: various training institutions, schools at all levels, public places, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, companies, families and other places. 3. The seat folding chair used in public places is manufactured according to the principles of human body engineering. It is equipped with S-shaped springs to ensure that the curve of the back of the chair completely conforms to the curve of the human body, and the seat feels comfortable. It is a perfect combination of aesthetics and high technology. Extended reading: How to make use of the advantages of folding furniture and folding chairs for small and medium-sized apartments 1. Small size, saving and the most effective use of space. Folding chairs have special significance for the most effective use of factory, warehouse, hotel, restaurant, gymnasium and housing space. Such as folding chairs used in conference halls, dining rooms, etc. 2. Convenient to carry Some products are designed to be compact and versatile due to special requirements. Folding chairs are one of them, which is convenient to carry, such as a chair that can be easily carried on a train. 3. Safety Some sharp parts of the chair not only reduce the space after folding, but also ensure the safety of carrying. 4. Easy to categorize and use. 5. Easy to load and unload. Folding chairs are small in size, flexible and easy to store and transport after being folded. 6. Conducive to standardized design and production. Most of the parts of folding chairs are the same, and many of them are Symmetrical, so only some parts need to be machined to improve work efficiency and reduce labor intensity.
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