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Detailed knowledge of cloakroom

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-18
The type of independent cloakroom is selected because of the room policy-a separate room needs to be taken out as a cloakroom. It is suitable for large apartments and has enough space for disposal. It is the most ideal form of cloakroom, spacious and well-sealed. Open cloakroom-in the mini apartment, the open cloakroom not only satisfies the storage needs, but also does not occupy space like a wardrobe to avoid blocking the space, but pay attention to the dust-proof and orderly stacking of clothes. Inlaid cloakroom-suitable for rooms with recessed space in the room or in the aisle. The cloakroom can be embedded in the old closet without dividing the square space in the room, which is concealed and practical. 1. Only flexible and adjustable can be handled calmly. Flexible and adjustable. There are two aspects. One is to reserve some flexible space at the beginning of planning, especially for families with small babies or preparing to have children. In the future, there will be a lot of clothing storage needs. On the other hand, when customizing the cabinet, it is necessary to choose a multi-layer adjustable layer structure as much as possible, so that the size and position of the grid can be changed at any time according to the needs. 2. The box area is not only for storing boxes. There will be a certain area in the cloakroom for all kinds of suitcases, but don't waste the space of the box itself. You can put unused quilts, blankets and other large items in the sorting bag and put them in the storage bag. In the box, items can be quickly removed even when the box is to be used, which saves a lot of storage space. 3. Labels make order control no longer crazy. For order control, the cloakroom should be like a computer's hard drive, with clear logic and easy to manage, so the label is like the name of each folder, allowing the owner to find out layer by layer accurately. Find the clothes you need. Small tags can indicate the category of each area and the contents of the drawer, and various storage boxes with tags have become a good place for small items. 4. Use the cloakroom to repair the deformed zero space. When there are some oblique corners and polygons in the space, the visual experience will be less comfortable, and the furniture is not easy to place. At this time, you can use the cloakroom to repair, firstly, correct the space shape, secondly There are many more storage spaces, and in form, you can choose an embedded or independent cloakroom according to the deformity and the size of the fragmentary space. 5. It is both a partition and a cloakroom. For a large bedroom space that needs to be properly separated, directly using a cloakroom as a partition is a way to kill two birds with one stone. Open the door and get a huge cloakroom in a natural and hidden way. Environmentally-friendly materials The closet protection cloakrooms are mostly enclosed spaces, and they store personal items such as clothing and bedding. When choosing building materials, environmental performance must be given top priority. Use the best environmental performance from the wall, the floor to the wardrobe board. Thinking from another angle, the cloakroom looks like an upgraded version of the wardrobe, but when you mobilize your creativity, you will find that the cloakroom is not only a big cabinet, it can make life more convenient and make the space use more scientific. Basic knowledge Different living area, space structure, and family members of different ages and occupations determine the huge differences in the cloakroom. Combining the space area and user habits can get an all-round cloakroom that satisfies the family. Key dimensions of the cloakroom The key dimensions of the layout-the area of u200bu200bopen and inlaid cloakrooms is usually limited by the existing venue, but the basic condition is that the depth is not less than 60 cm and not more than 80 cm. The area of u200bu200bthe independent cloakroom should not be less than 4 square meters. According to the shape of the room, you can choose single row, L-shaped, U-shaped, double-row opposite and other forms. The key scale of activity-the independent cloakroom should take into account the scale of people's activities in it. The width of the open space is not less than 80 cm. People do not feel cramped when passing through, and they can freely pick, place and organize clothes. If you want to change clothes freely, the width of the open space should not be less than 150 cm. The key dimensions of clothing-the size of the hanging rod comes from the size of the clothing. The commonly used heights of the three hanging rods are: 90 cm, 130 cm, and 170 cm, which are suitable for hanging trousers, short skirts, short tops, shirts, and long skirts. , Long coats and dresses. The hanging rod can be customized for those with special needs. The key dimensions of clothing-the common size of the hat storage box is no more than 35 cm in diameter and no more than 20 cm in height. The width of the shoes is about 18-26 cm depending on the shoe type, and the height is 10-50 cm. When the shoe area is placed in the custom cabinet, it should be determined according to the situation of the shoes at home. If it is stored in a shoe box, the regular size of the shoe box shall be used as the reference.
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