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Detailed internal dimensions of the shoe cabinet

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-02
With the improvement of people's quality of life, shoe cabinets have become a good tool for storage. Anyone who has visited the furniture store should know that there are many styles of shoe cabinets, and the internal dimensions of shoe cabinets are of course different. Let's take a look at the internal dimensions of the shoe cabinet. When the size of the shoe cabinet is initially designed, the first thing to consider is the specific usage and actual location. It can’t be too big, too big will affect the appearance, too small is not enough to use, so we must fully consider it. For example, the size of the porch shoe cabinet in the living room does not have a fixed standard size. Under normal circumstances, the size of the porch shoe cabinet in the living room is determined according to the size of the living room space and personal needs and preferences. The normal depth of the home porch shoe cabinet is 300~320 Between, the width and height are between 1000mm. The spacing between the laminates of ordinary slippers is between 200mm, and the spacing of other shoe laminates is between 350~400mm to meet the demand. Generally, the height of the shoe cabinet size should not exceed 800mm, and the width is reasonably divided according to the width of the space used; the depth is the length of the largest size of the shoe at home, usually the size is between 300~400mm. Many people buy shoes and don't like to throw away the shoe box and put the shoes directly in the shoe cabinet. In this case, the depth size of the shoe cabinet is 380~400mm. Before designing and customizing the shoe cabinet, the user's shoe box size must be measured as the basis for the depth size of the shoe cabinet. If you want to put some other items in the shoe cabinet, such as vacuum cleaners, fly swatters, etc., the depth must be more than 400mm before they can be used. Extended reading: knowledge of the purchase and maintenance of shoe cabinets. The internal dimensions of the shoe cabinet: there are large and small shoe cabinets, let's talk about the small shoe cabinet first. The small shoe cabinet is usually used when one person lives, and it is more delicate. The general size of this kind of shoe cabinet is 602*318*456mm, of course there are smaller sizes than this, like 598*516*457mm. Around this size is the size standard of a general single shoe cabinet. The inner size of the shoe cabinet 2: The simple two-door shoe cabinet is suitable for a family of three. The size of this shoe cabinet is also more appropriate. Generally, the size of this two-door shoe cabinet is 947*318*1032mm. Of course, there are other common two-door shoe cabinet sizes, such as 907*318*1021mm. But the difference is not very big. When buying a shoe cabinet, you can choose according to your home design. The inner size of the shoe cabinet 3: In the future, we will see that this shoe cabinet is a shoe cabinet for large families, with a relatively large volume. Generally, the size of this shoe cabinet is 1347*318*1032mm. There is also a large shoe cabinet that is slightly wider, with a general size of 1240*330*1050mm. In fact, the hallway shoe cabinet in the living room is designed to store all kinds of shoes, but the shoe cabinet is also easy to get dirty and needs frequent cleaning and maintenance. The entrance shoe cabinet is mainly made of wood and cannot be washed with water, but you can wipe the dust with a slightly damp cloth, try to avoid direct sunlight, and remember that it should not be placed in a very humid place. Avoid washing with alkaline water or high-concentration alcohol or bananas. Water and other corrosive liquids drip onto the surface of the shoe cabinet to avoid damaging the paint surface of the shoe cabinet.
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