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Detailed explanation: pink ivory wood

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-11
Common names: Pink Ivory, Red Ivorywood, the corresponding Chinese meaning is pink ivory wood, red ivory wood scientific name: Berchemia zeyheri Chinese name: Caiheshi ditch tea. The genus name Berchemia corresponds to the Chinese name ditch catechu, which belongs to the Rhamnaceae; the species epithet zeyheri comes from the German botanist Karl Ludwig Philipp Zeyher (Karl Ludwig Philipp Zeyher, born in August 1799). December 2, Hessen, Germany; died December 13, 1858, Cape Town, South Africa) Geographical distribution: Southern Africa Tree size: tree height 100-130 feet (30-40 meters), trunk diameter 3-5 feet ( 1-1.5 meters) Pink Ivory: The sacred tree of the Zulu tribe, under the predatory felling of white people, it is on the verge of extinction. This wood is hard and heavy, weighing 62 pounds/cubic foot (993 kg/cubic meter) when dried in the air. The texture is very fine, the texture ranges from straight to irregular patterns. Not many people in China have heard of pink ivory. Compared with red sandalwood, Hainan Huanghuali is poorly known. Just like when most people first come into contact with red sandalwood and sea yellow, they intuitively feel that it is noble and even more magnificent! Everyone who sees pink ivory wood for the first time will be shocked by its appearance, I think this is it. True beauty. In terms of color alone, pink ivory wood is definitely the most distinctive wood in the world, and there is no one. So, what is the relationship between red ivory and ivory? First of all, pink ivory belongs to the Rhamnus family. It is the same tree species as the familiar Huoliu glaze and sclerotium, and has nothing to do with ivory half a dime. So why is it called ivory? There is no standard answer to this question. It may come from the following two points: First: Pink ivory is produced in the river basins of South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. This area is also rich in elephants. The second pink ivory wood has another characteristic that is different from other woods, that is, it can hardly see the brown eyes. The cross section of the wood does not see the stomata at all. The picture is magnified by 10 times, and the stomata are still thin and invisible. The degree of fineness after polishing is very similar to that of ivory. Next, let’s take a look at some of the characteristics of pink ivory wood. The average air-dry density of the tree body of Caihe Shigou catechu (pink ivory wood): 65 pounds per cubic foot (1,035 kg per cubic meter) Basic density: 0.90 grams per cubic meter Cubic centimeter, 1.04 grams per cubic centimeter when the moisture content is 12%. Janka hardness: 3 230 lbf (14 370 Newtons) Bending strength: 20 020 lbf per square inch (138.1 MPa) Modulus of elasticity: 2 193 000 Pound-force per square inch (15.12 gigapascals) Compressive strength: 11,630 pounds-force per square inch (80.2 MPa) Shrinkage rate: radial 4.8%, chord direction 7.2%, full volume 12.1%, chord-to-diameter ratio 1.5 extension Reading: The color of ebony furniture used in solid wood furniture: Pink Ivory varies in color from light gray pink to shiny neon pink and deep watermelon red. The most valuable wood of this type is bright pink. This kind of wood often has a curly quilt pattern, so the visual effect is more prominent. The sapwood is light yellow to light brown, and the color between the heartwood and the heartwood is gradual to a certain extent. The color of pink ivory wood will become flat over time and no longer bright and dazzling. This is indeed a problem, and people have not yet understood the reasons for it and cannot solve it. The texture and material of the pink ivory wood sample board: the texture until interlaced, the material is good, and the natural gloss is good. End features: diffuse porous material. There is no special arrangement of small pipe holes, and 2-4 diameter rows of multiple pipe holes are common. Heartwood gum inclusions are common. The growth ring is locally obvious, this is because a large number of tube holes gather in the early wood part. Wood rays can be seen without a magnifying glass, and axial parenchyma is rare. Pink ivory wood end features durability: Pink ivory wood (Pink Ivory) is considered to be extremely durable wood with excellent weather resistance, but this wood is not used in construction or outdoor areas. Workability: Pink Ivory will have a blunt saw effect when it is cut, and it is difficult to be processed into a board surface. Splitting often occurs when processing patterns or quarto plates (diameter cut surfaces). Therefore, this kind of wood is more used for carving and turning, mainly because of its good turning and polishing performance.
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