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Detailed explanation of the production process of rattan furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-19
Rattan furniture is simple but elegant, not only beautiful and free, but also its products are more practical and comfortable. There are many types, such as beds, coffee tables, tables and chairs, sofas, etc. Although there are many types of rattan furniture, the craftsmanship and rattan chairs Similar to but slightly different. Rattan furniture can be divided into two types: pure rattan furniture and rattan furniture mixed with rattan and wood. Introduce you the craftsmanship of pure rattan furniture. And because the production of rattan chairs covers all the craftsmanship of pure rattan furniture, you can refer to the craftsmanship of rattan chairs when making other furniture. The production process of rattan furniture can be divided into eight steps, which are: raw material selection, raw material grinding, raw material processing, polishing, assembly, weaving, semi-finished product grinding and oil spraying. 1. Selection of raw materials: There are many kinds of rattan, 600 kinds of rattan are known, among which lichen, red rattan, sand rattan and badan rattan are the most commonly used. Batan rattan and sand vine are generally uniform in thickness, and they are the best materials for making rattan chair skeletons; Rito has very good flexibility and is an indispensable raw material for making pan flowers. 2. Polishing of raw materials: The surface of rattan is relatively rough and it is a kind of prickly plant. Therefore, when making it, the raw materials must be 'ground'. This kind of grinding machine is a tool for grinding the raw materials of rattan, mainly using abrasive belts and grinding wheels for grinding. The sanding should be done in two parts, one is rough sanding and the other is fine sanding. The first step is rough sanding and rough sanding, using an 80-type coarse sanding belt; place the rattan between the sanding belt and the grinding wheel of the sanding machine, and apply a little force to make the surface of the rattan basically smooth. The second step is fine sanding. After the first round of sanding, the surface of the rattan is much smoother, but it is still slightly rough. At this time, a second round of fine sanding is required. Now we use this 180-type fine sanding belt to sand again. The 180-type sanding belt is thinner than the 80-type sanding belt, so that the sanded rattan will be smoother. Now we will show you the effect before and after polishing. The other rattan polishing methods are the same, we will not introduce them one by one. 3. Raw material processing: introduction of tools. These are the tools that are often used when making rattan chairs: fire guns, high-pressure air cooling guns, and consoles. The operation table is relatively simple to set up, but it has many uses. It is the main tool for bending the vine. On the operating table, there are two iron cylindrical cylinders with diameters of 8 cm and 25 cm respectively fixed on it, and the distance between the two iron cylinders is 10 cm. The process of bending the rattan is done on this console. Extended reading: The purchasing skills of bamboo and rattan furniture. The first part is the production of rattan chair pedals. The pedal part of the rattan chair includes two parts: the pedal part and the pedal support rod. It needs to be processed through several steps such as bending, blasting, assembly, etc. . 1. Selection of raw materials for the production of pedal parts: We choose a polished rattan rattan with a diameter of 5 cm, uniform thickness, and a length of 1.9 meters. Bending: There are three steps when bending, they are heating, bending and cooling. First of all, use a torch to heat the 65 cm of the rattan. When heating at high temperature, move the torch to uniformly heat the part that needs to be bent. It should be noted here that the outer flame of the torch flame should be used for heating. If the inner flame is used, the rattan will burn due to the high temperature. When it is heated to a certain level, put the rattan on the operating table while it is hot, and apply force while heating to make it bend and deform. Bend it to about 90 degrees, then stop heating, and use a high-pressure air cooling gun to cool the rattan to shape it. Use the same method to perform the same heating, bending and cooling shaping operations at the other end 65 cm. Here, I would like to remind you that if there is excessive bending, it is necessary to reheat the excessive bending of the rattan and bend it back to a suitable angle. In this way, one part of the pedal part of the wicker chair is processed. 2. The production of foot support rods We just made one part of the foot pedal part. Next, we need to make the foot collapse support rods, a total of three.
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