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Detailed explanation of the material characteristics and classification of leather art beds

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-11
Leather beds are not only comfortable and soft, but also colorful, rounded, noble and elegant, and are popular among people. At present, there are ten major brands of leather beds in the furniture market, and the colors are mainly white, red, purple, and brown. The following is a detailed introduction to its characteristics and classifications. The characteristics of the leather bed The leather bed demonstrates the noble temperament. The headboard and bed frame of the leather bed are made of genuine leather. The colors are mainly white, red, purple and brown; the colorful fabric bed is made of various beautiful cotton or silk. , Looks very warm; in terms of shape, the leather bed breaks the traditional rectangular bed frame dominating the world. There are both round beds with a diameter of about two meters and rectangular beds of general size. The height of the pillow on the headboard of some leather beds can also be adjusted, which not only makes people sleep more comfortable, flip a few pages under the lamp before going to bed, or leaning against the soft headboard to watch TV, the gentle feeling comes right away. The general size of leather bed: 1.5m*1.9m and 1.8m*2.0m. The advantages of leather beds: (1) strong and wear-resistant, warm in winter and cool in summer, soft and comfortable in texture; (2) noble and noble, which can better reflect the mature temperament of the homeowner. Leather beds are generally the first choice for successful people. According to the classification of leather art beds, leather beds can be divided into several types: 1. According to styles, leather beds can be divided into: modern style leather art beds. Modern style leather art beds have trendy styles, starting from convenient living, people-oriented, Incorporate more practical functions, do not do too much complicated carving, and use simplicity as beauty, reflecting the effects of health, environmental protection, and natural freshness. American style leather art bed American style leather art bed makes the royal furniture civilians. The high-class style is still retained. The material is made of natural materials. It pays attention to the performance of details like Europeans, but it will not be overstated and pay more attention to the furniture. Practicality. European style leather art bed The European style leather art bed z has a wide and pure headboard, soft fabric, comfortable feel, fine workmanship, complex and gorgeous decorative lines, giving people a feeling of enjoying beauty. The classical style leather art bed highlights the noble temperament of the headboard of the leather bed. The sideways of the bed are often designed with unique retro elements. The whole bed is elegant in shape and full of classical charm. 2. According to styles, leather art beds can be divided into ordinary leather beds, air-supported leather beds and high-pillar leather beds. Ordinary leather bed Ordinary leather bed is the most common type of leather art bed. It has mature manufacturing technology, changeable styles, bright colors, and a wide range of options, which is very conducive to room matching. At the same time, it has the advantages of convenience, practicality and high cost performance. Pneumatic leather bed Pneumatic leather bed, as its name implies, refers to a leather art bed with a bed box under the bed board. The bed board and mattress can be easily lifted by air support, providing sufficient storage space. High-pillar leather bed A high-pillar leather bed means that the four corners of the bed have four pillars, which can be convenient for hanging mosquito nets and provide a good sense of privacy. This type of leather bed is relatively rare in the market. 3. According to the material, it can be divided into: leather bed and imitation leather bed. The imitation leather bed refers to the surface made of synthetic material artificial leather such as PU leather or PVC leather. However, synthetic leather is not resistant to high temperatures and chemical substances. The leather bed refers to the surface material is made of 100% cowhide. There are two types of cowhide and buffalo cowhide. Because natural cowhide is tough and durable, most of the leather beds are made of cowhide. In short, the leather bed is relatively simple and high-end, and the leather bed is also easy to clean, soft and comfortable, and the good quality leather bed is also very durable. Nowadays, the leather beds made by many businesses are very popular. Buying leather beds will give the whole home environment a fashionable texture. There are still many shortcomings of leather beds. There are many leather beds on the market that are not necessarily leather, and the texture looks relatively poor; if you buy a leather bed, the price is relatively more expensive, so you must carefully distinguish it when you buy it.
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