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Detailed explanation of the installation method of the wardrobe

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-16
For those who like to make handmade or are more interested in assembling, the installation of the whole wardrobe can be clearly consumed, and it will be convenient to disassemble it when moving in the future. Tools/Materials Hand tools: hole opener, spirit level, glass glue gun, tape measure, square, hammer. Power tools: charging batch, impact drill, jig saw, sanding and polishing machine, angle grinder. Steps/methods use cloth pad. Assemble the floor from the wide side panel at one end against the wall, and lay the wide side panel flat on the ground (keep a distance of 700mm from the back wall). First, place the filled three-in-one rubber plug plate on the cloth, check that the hole distance is consistent with the drawing, and install the three-in-one single connecting rod. Then nail the solid layer to the cork and fix it on the wide side plate, with the large handle hole of the top plate facing up, the rest of the solid layer facing down, and the leg line big handle hole facing inward (the middle solid layer is the same height as the L frame, that is, the bottom plate to the solid layer The inner space is 960mm, and the laminate hole is drilled on site). Put on the side board and nail the cork. The cork is required to connect the solid layers on both sides. Install the double connecting rod on the second solid layer of the cabinet. Note that the large handle on the double connecting rod can only be locked halfway, that is, 90°. When the two solid layers are fixed to the side plate, tighten the large handle at the same time. Nail the back panel: Put the installed cabinet side on the floor with a good liner, and level the side panels into a uniform plane. Measure the diagonal dimensions of the cabinet with a drawing ruler and adjust them to be equal. Start installing the first back plate from the wide measuring board. Note that if there is a nail in the middle of the solid layer, draw the center line of the solid layer with a pencil before nailing. nail. The third step: The installation of the L frame uses the side plate of the L frame to make a parallel line on the corresponding side plate, and then move it up 9mm to draw the center line of the three-in-one rubber particle, and use the top of the L frame to place it on the corresponding bottom plate Draw a parallel line on the top, and draw three central lines of one colloid with 9mm inside the flat line. Use a 10mm drill bit to make a hole with a depth of 10-20mm. Attach the single pole. After the L frame is installed, fix it with nails on the back panel. Step 4: Install the three-section rails against the drawer, flush the floor of the drawer, move the mother rail to fix the sub-rail screws and install them on the vertical eyes of the sub-rail (this is adjustable). Add a gap of 2mm between the two drawer panels and the center of the rail eye. Remove the bus rail and draw a cross-cut line on the side panel of the cabinet with a 90° square according to the measured data. This cross-section is the center eyeline of the bus rail. . The drawer panel is the entry column, so draw a vertical tangent line 19mm from the outside of the cabinet side panel. The bus rail is flush with the vertical tangent line, the central eye is flush with the transverse tangent line, and the screws are installed on the horizontal eye of the bus bar (adjustable position). After the drawer is installed, the adjustable position is used for debugging, so that the drawer surface is flat and the nearby gaps are even. Finally, install the fixing screws on the horizontal eye of the sub-rail and the vertical eye of the mother rail. And so on to install the next one. If you catch up with a full drawer, the same principle can also be installed from bottom to top. The uppermost drawer can be fixed with a 90° angle code. The conditions require that the drawing surface is flat and the apprenticeship is average. The drawer gap is 2mm. Extended reading: Which furniture at home is suitable for customization? Step 5: Install the three-section rail in the same way as the three-section rail in the drawer. Measure the distance between the side plate and the center of the rail plus a gap of 50mm to obtain the data. Debug and fix. The upper side plate of the lattice frame is fixed to maintain a 50mm gap at the top, for the purpose of facilitating the fetching of objects. Step 6: The installation of the trouser rack is similar to the lattice rack, except that the side panel of the trouser rack is 20mm away from the surface of the lattice rack. Keeping the inner space of 20mm is also for ease of use. Step 7: Install the sliding mirror. Install the three-section rails on the sliding mirror. The height of the sliding mirror is generally 1700mm from the bottom solid layer (customers can request the height). Use a 90° angle ruler to draw a cross-cut line of the track on the side board according to the required height. Measure the parallel interval between the new eyes in the three-section orbit of the upper line, and obtain accurate data. Use a 90° square to draw the cross-cut line of the lower orbit on the side panel. Install the upper and lower mother rails, the mother rails are separated from the back plate by 5mm, and the sliding mirrors are installed. The eighth step: the installation of the Yitong is moved 38mm from the bottom of the solid layer to draw a horizontal tangent line, the side panels are divided into the middle and a vertical tangent is drawn, and the cross pad is the center of the first eye above the Yitong support.
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