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Detailed explanation of style classification and size of living room sofa

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-19
The sofa has become an indispensable furniture in the home. Choosing a set of sofas that you like and suitable is also quite a painstaking task. Before choosing a sofa, you should first know what types of sofas are available, and what their sizes are. You can 'sharp your knife and chop wood by mistakeLet's take a look at the style and size of the sofa. 1. The types of sofas can be divided into the following ways: 1. According to the material of the sofa, it can be divided into fabric sofas, leather sofas and leather-cloth combined sofas. 3. According to the shape of the sofa, it can be divided into classical sofa and modern sofa. 3. Classified by style: Chinese-style sofa, European-style sofa, American-style sofa, Japanese-style sofa, Korean-style sofa, etc. Briefly introduce these styles of sofas: Chinese-style sofas that are elegant, warm in winter and cool in summer. Chinese-style sofas emphasize warm in winter and cool in summer, and are suitable for all seasons. The Chinese style sofa is characterized by the exposed solid wood frame. The upper sponge cushion can be replaced as needed. This flexible way makes Chinese sofas beloved by many people: warm in winter and cool in summer, convenient and practical, suitable for my country's national conditions with a large temperature difference between north and south. The European-style sofa has simple lines and is suitable for modern homes. European-style sofas are characterized by modern styles, elegant colors and simple lines, which are suitable for most families. This kind of sofa has a wide range of applications, and it feels good to be placed in various styles of rooms. Recently, light-colored sofas, such as white and beige, are more popular. American-style sofa American-style sofa mainly emphasizes comfort, which makes people feel like being gently embraced by sitting in it, but it occupies a lot of space. At present, many sofa manufacturing processes no longer use springs but are all made of main frame plus sponges of different hardness. However, many traditional American sofa bases will not give up springs for saving time and effort, and still use springs and sponges. This makes this sofa very strong and durable. Simple and natural Japanese-style sofa Japanese-style sofa emphasizes nature and simplicity. The biggest feature of the Japanese-style sofa is the fence-like wooden armrest and the short design. This kind of sofa is most suitable for people who admire natural and simple home style. The small Japanese-style sofa reveals a rigorous attitude towards life. Therefore, Japanese-style sofas are often used in some office spaces. Extended reading: The characteristics and brands of Korean furniture. Second, the size of the sofa. The size of a single sofa should not be less than 48 cm. If it is smaller than this size, people will feel crowded even if they can barely sit in. The depth of the sitting surface should be within the range of 48 to 60 cm. If it is too shallow, you will feel unable to sit still; if it is too deep, your calves will not sag naturally and your calves will be oppressed. The height of the sitting surface should be within the range of 36 to 42 cm. It is too high, like sitting on a chair, and it feels uncomfortable; too low, it will be difficult to sit and stand up. The height of the seat surface of a double or three-seat sofa is the same as that of a single sofa, and the width of the seat surface changes accordingly. The distance between the sitting surfaces of a three-seat sofa is 45-48 cm, and the distance between the sitting surfaces of a two-seat sofa can be larger, generally 50 cm, depending on the weight of the user. Extended reading: Reference for buying furniture: Furniture size suitable for the human body. Sofa armrests are generally 56 to 60 cm high. If there is no armrest and a corner table is used for transition, the height of the corner table should be 60 cm, so that it is convenient for resting hands or taking things. Single type: Length: 80-95cm, Depth: 85-900m; Seat height: 35-420m; Back height: 70-90cm Double type: Length: 126-150cm; Depth: 80-90cm Three type: Length: 175- 196cm; Depth: 80-90cm Four-person: Length: 232-252cm; Depth 80-90cm Remind you: Generally speaking, imported sofas, European style, American style sofas, and classical sofas are more atmospheric and take up more space. In a living room that is not too large, it tends to make the living room look even smaller. Therefore, if you have a large living room, you can choose this type of sofa. If you have a normal area, you can choose a sofa of other styles and sizes to prevent the living room from being crowded and destroying the overall effect.
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