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Detailed explanation of platoon skeleton, electric platoon skeleton and soft bed platoon skeleton

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-04
The components of modern furniture beds play a load-bearing role. Supporting the mattress, you can also lie down directly, which is a history of the traditional bed board. It is flexible and made of metal square tube, bent wood or plastic material. The current row frame is foldable and can be lifted up, and is connected with the bed body with an air pressure rod. The most commonly used platoon skeleton is the wooden platoon skeleton (it is common, almost every family is equipped), and the advanced and commonly used are electric platoon skeleton, butterfly platoon skeleton and so on. I believe that the wooden row frame does not need to go into details. There is no problem with mute at the beginning (of course, it must be installed in place. If the screws are not in place, there will be noise). After a long time, the wood will decay and gradually appear. noise. The electric platoon skeleton only has the function of lifting and lowering, and the principle is the same as above. The butterfly platoon skeleton is the latest platoon skeleton on the market, which uses high-density PVC material. High toughness, not easy to crack, without any friction. Each point has a butterfly shape, uniform force, no noise. Turning over on both sides will not be affected after the force is evenly applied. At the same time, the force surface is even and the service life is long. Electric platoon skeleton At present, the wood of the good-quality platoon skeleton on the market is bent wood, which is also called Fraxinus mandshurica, which is mainly produced in Northeast, North China and other places. The wooden structure is thick, the texture is straight and shiny, and the hardness is greater. Fraxinus mandshurica has the characteristics of good elasticity, toughness, wear resistance and moisture resistance. But it is difficult to dry and easy to warp. The processing performance of the raw material is good, but it should be prevented from tearing. The cut surface is smooth, painted, and has good stickiness. At present, double-row, three-row, and reinforced types are generally adopted for platoon skeletons. In order to cater to consumers of different consumption levels, the overall factor arrangement of products using these three types of platoon skeletons can be arranged as follows: double-rowOwing to its custom made furniture and custom made furniture benefits, has become a buzzword in the custom made furniture market.
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