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Detailed explanation of panel furniture and decorative materials

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-23
Panel furniture has always been the leading material in the home furnishing market because of its affordable price, light weight, easy to move, and novel styles. So what is panel furniture? Panel furniture refers to furniture made of medium-density fiberboard or particleboard for surface veneer and other processes. A large part of panel furniture is wood-grain imitation furniture. At present, the veneers of some panel furniture sold on the market are becoming more and more realistic, with good gloss and hand feeling, and products with fine craftsmanship and better plates and hardware accessories are at the same price as solid wood furniture. The board can be divided into density board, medium density fiberboard, fiberboard, honeycomb board, large core board and particle board. For each material board, its use and quality stability, dimensional stability and water absorption are different. Therefore, consumers need to select materials for different purposes in the purchase, such as density board furniture, because the edges can be impact-resistant and the surface has the characteristics of wear-resistant, moisture-resistant and scratch-resistant, it is widely used in furniture. The medium-density board is dimensionally stable and hard and resistant to collision, which is more suitable for door panels and kitchen utensils. Board profile: A. Particle Board (Particle Board): The birthplace of particle board is in Europe, and it has a history of nearly 60 years. Its invention has effectively protected natural resources. It overcomes the characteristics of natural wood, and its non-deformable and stable physical properties make it widely used in the field of furniture production. Particleboard is made of natural logs through cutting, crushing, high temperature and high pressure, which is more suitable for furniture processing and production and use. It has the advantages of not easily deforming and strong nail-holding power. Therefore, it is used as the main raw material for first-class panel furniture in Europe. . In China, some people advertise that particleboard is made from industrial waste, causing consumers to misunderstand particleboard. The processing of particleboard has extremely high requirements on woodworking machinery, otherwise there will be gaps in the saw surface, which will affect the quality of the furniture, so many factories do not use particleboard. On the other hand, it is true that some manufacturers use low-quality particleboard to produce furniture to save costs, thus affecting the reputation of particleboard. The disadvantage of particleboard is that it is not easy to be bent. B. Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF): Short for Medium Density Fiberboard. The characteristic is that the wood is evenly thin and easy to process, especially suitable for curved and special-shaped designs. Extended reading: Panel furniture should pay attention to the flat base material and surface decoration material of the edge banding. The furniture board that is often seen in the market now consists of two parts: the base material and the surface decoration material. Surface decoration materials are pasted or attached to the surface of the substrate. The base materials are: wood, particle board, medium density, laminated timber, etc. A. Types of surface decoration materials: Surface decoration materials include: natural wood veneer (veneer), mixed color paint (mixed oil), melamine, fireproof board, paint paper, blister PVC leather, etc. The most commonly used furniture board, because most of the early domestic production is inferior particleboard, the reputation of particleboard is very bad. However, compared with high-quality medium-density particleboard, particleboard has the advantages of light weight, strong nail-holding force, good moisture and water resistance, easier control of formaldehyde emission, and resistance to deformation. It is suitable for flat furniture. Its disadvantage is that the particles are large, and medium density should be used for painting, carving, blister and other processes, and for some thin plates, medium density should be used. Under the condition of quality assurance, there is no difference between particleboard and medium density, but it is suitable for different purposes. In addition, the so-called high-density board furniture is generally medium-density board. Real high-density boards have other uses (such as high-strength laminate flooring). B. Facing material type: Facing materials are divided into: artificial veneer and natural wood veneer. Artificial veneer material: its advantages are abrasion-resistant surface, high hardness, not easy to peel, uniform color, smooth surface, more resistant to environmental factors, and stable veneer. Natural finish: 0.6mm natural wood slices are mostly used. The wood grain and color depth and color difference come from the unique creation of nature. It has strong color expression for light rendering, but the hardness of the surface paint is softer than melamine. The heat resistance of the mill is poor. Within 4-6 months of new furniture, the color of the light-receiving part will become significantly darker. If the items placed on the tabletop do not move for a long time, the color of the veneer under the items will be relatively white, but after 4-6 months, the color will be basically There will be no major changes in stability. In the acceptance of the veneer, the following points should be paid attention to: Solid wood veneer material: It should be glued to the base material stably and smoothly, and the plane of the board should be flat, without signs of bulging or cracking. Lacquered panels: The color should be uniform, the lacquered surface should be smooth, and the surface of the panel should be smooth. There is no falling spray or loose liquid coating between the dyeing place and the edge banding strip. Too much or too little moisture in the panel furniture will affect the stability of its quality. When the home is dry, the wood will be fluffy and cracked, the paint will fade and fall off, and the metal fittings will be oxidized and deteriorated. Therefore, the furniture should avoid direct sunlight. If it is dry in autumn and winter , You need to use a humidifier to moisturize the room, or you can wipe it with a wrung out wet linen cloth. If you encounter rainy weather, you must reduce the moisture in the furniture. If the furniture is too humid, it will not only become moldy, but also cause plate corrosion and metal rust. Therefore, you need to wipe it off with dry linen in wet weather. There is moisture on the surface, but try to open windows as little as possible to avoid moisture from outside. You can use some furniture to dehumidify, such as electric fans, hair dryers and the like.
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