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Detailed analysis of traditional furniture production process

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-12
Furniture in our country has a long history and exquisite craftsmanship. It reached its historical peak in the Ming Dynasty and formed a distinctive and unique national style. There are countless articles on tradition, culture, and furniture. We must learn the knowledge system of traditional furniture culture, which is the driving force of our thinking and the soul of furniture development. Of course, the development practice of culture and design is also essential. The natural and unsophisticated wood application and play, exactly match the feelings of traditional furniture. The circles of the solid wood annual rings are round, but they can't hold back the vicissitudes of time. With a flick of the boat-shaped ink fountain, a black saw line was drawn. Slowly moving forward, but no ripples spread. OK! Stop here! Let's talk about it. According to actual needs, square lumber and boards of corresponding specifications will be broken. If time permits, natural air-dried materials are the best choice for furniture materials. Related reading: Do you know the craftsmanship of these furniture? Traditional furniture materials will go through the cooking kiln, the main purpose is to stabilize the wood and kill insects. Then enter the balance kiln for repeated drying. Generally, the moisture content should be controlled at about 8%-12%. Yard plank to be ordered. It is also a very delicate job, and the spacing between the timbers in the middle is about 30cm. This is usually done by an experienced master, in addition to the size, many factors such as the pattern direction must also be considered. Cut and plan according to the bill of materials. This step will leave a certain margin for the material head. The imposition master will assemble the plates one by one according to the corresponding pattern according to the marks drawn by the previous master. Some materials need to be leveled by hand planing, which seems simple but requires effort. Speaking of which, one of the reasons I like wood is because of shavings, which is so beautiful that there are no friends. This Lezi is so easy to use, why are the masters so smart? It's easier to use than a ruler. Tenon and tenon joints are the soul of traditional Chinese furniture making craftsmanship. Finely crafted patterns as decorations are also indispensable for some traditional furniture. All the parts are ready to be assembled, and the masters need to repeat the verification. First scrape with a spatula, and then sand again and again with coarse to fine sandpaper. Repeatedly wipe with hot melted beeswax to make it penetrate, and it will gradually show a warm and simple texture. For better comfort and aesthetic needs, some chairs and couch furniture need to be hand-woven palm and rattan. 'There is no dust on the broken table, and the broken copper shines alive' quoted Lao She.
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