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Design principles of neo-classical mahogany furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-31
As a part of the furniture system, the modern design of neoclassical furniture should follow the general principles of modern furniture design, that is, the six principles of functionality, artistry, craftsmanship, science, economy and popularity. 1. General principles (1) Pay attention to the principle of straight lines and rational use of curves. This is determined by the characteristics of neoclassical style. Straight lines and planes are the main body of neoclassical furniture design. Whether it is modeling or decoration, it must surround these two The main body is unfolded, and the curves and curved surfaces are too luxurious and exaggerated, which cannot be expressed in the design system, and play a role in setting off the straight lines or planes. (2) Re-creation based on respect for classical art. Throughout the neo-classical period of the 18th and 19th centuries, successful furniture designers such as France’s Resena, Jacopo Shen, Hep White, etc. are all studying and digesting the classics. Recreating activities based on art. Therefore, modern neo-classical furniture design should be an innovative activity based on the study of classical art (mainly including classical art and traditional neo-classical art), taking its essence, and combining local traditional culture and aesthetic habits. The design of neo-classical furniture focuses on the collocation of style elements and shapes, thinking that there is no inevitable connection between various decorative elements and shapes, and European-style decorative elements vary widely. As long as they are handled properly, there are two seemingly unrelated elements. Can be perfectly combined, so on the premise of meeting the functional requirements, how to organize the two, from element to element, from element to shape, and shape to shape, intersperse each other, harmonious and unified is the design. Focus. 2. Decoration Principles (1) Transformation of neoclassical elements is summarized in modern furniture design. On the one hand, it should maintain the neoclassical style of modeling elements and the original color to a certain extent, and on the other hand, it should be carried out on this basis. Abstraction, induction, and simplification make it more modern. (2) In the design of modern furniture, we should pay attention to the beauty of expressive form by quoting the cultural interest in neoclassical elements. At the same time, we should pay more attention to the cultural connotation contained in the pattern. Immediately put aside these elements, combined with the modern spirit to deduce, this can also make the product have more 'cultural added value' and improve the quality of the product. (3) Combining new crafts and new materials to use element decoration In the modern furniture design process, we should combine different materials and manufacturing techniques to design complex and simple different shapes, free and flexible or regular and rigorous composition, rich or concise colors.
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